I just recently found SCA (recently meaning last night).  I'm a senior in high school, about to graduate, and I plan on majoring in wildlife conservation or something along the lines of ecological engineering.  I found all of these awesome summer internship opportunities with SCA and I'm really interested,  However, most of the internships I was interested in required previous coursework or extensive experience.  I haven't started any college classes pertaining to the environment, I've simply had the wild life agricultural classes that my high school has.  I know that an internship is to be a learning experience, and I cannot wait to learn so much more than I know now, but I was wondering just how extensive your experience needs to be.?

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Hey Brooklyn,

The amount of experience really varies for each position. Some positions will take students with less experience and in the early stages of college and some would prefer taking the older students that may even have advanced degrees. The big thing with all job and internship searches though is personality. If you portray yourself as someone who is a genuine person inside and out, the more likely someone will want to work with you even if you don't have the necessary experiences. Personally, whenever I'm in doubt, I apply anyway! Good luck!



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