I have encountered a small bump in the road for my next internship.

Anyone out there have a clue of what is going on? I have been informed my previous background check may have been compromised. Not something to be excited about, lol.

I am starting another internship in a couple months and have been instructed to do all the paperwork again for some reason. Yes it is a new internship, but it literally has a weekend (2 days) between start times.  So it really makes no sense especially with my previous information now exposed to who knows who in the world and the website says its already done.

Like a trooper, I started subjecting myself to all the paperwork again. This time, the company in charge of the easy-background check has some issues with the online form and their number is no longer in service.

I am not upset, but a bit confused here. What do I do? I called the SCA and they have no answers as well. UMMM, hello, my info has been compromised, you want me to trust handing it out again, but the company in charge is no longer in service and no one has an answer for it? I just want to continue the great experience I have enjoyed with the SCA and the USFWS.

Please help, it would be much appreciated. :)

Mahalo nui loa for your time

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