Internship Opportunity- Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary


Applications are being accepted for those 18 years old or older interested in working at a wildlife sanctuary in coastal North Carolina.  Interns will receive intense rehabilitation training that focuses on native species of wildlife.  This includes small mammals as well as a wide variety of birds (songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, sea birds, shore birds). With this training the intern will be able to participate in actual patient care and practice hands-on wildlife rehabilitation skills.  Upon completion of the internship, the intern will receive a certificate documenting the skills learned and the hours of service performed.  No monetary compensation is provided with the intern positions, however, all necessary training is provided. Limited housing may or may not be available for those performing 40 hours per week.

Training Benefits

 Experience will be invaluable for students planning on furthering their education in the following fields:  Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Zoology, Veterinary Technician, Wildlife Management, Environmental Sciences, Small Animal Management, and Wildlife Rehabilitation. Internships allow qualified students to explore their interests and gain practical work experience in an active wildlife sanctuary. This experience will allow interns to find entry level employment opportunities in wildlife sanctuaries, nature centers, zoos, and wildlife centers.  They will learn the basics of public relations through dealings with those who find animals and bring them in for treatment.  They will be able to answer wildlife related questions and assist county residents by providing information and directing them to other relevant resources.   They will be able to take advantage of networking opportunities that may prove beneficial in the future in their chosen fields.  And finally, they earn Community Service Hours by volunteering at a non-profit organization.

Program Specifics

Internship are offered year round. Interns will be expected to work a minimum of 30 hours per week.  The sanctuary is open 7 days a week, from 9 AM to 9 PM. Schedules will include shifts on weekdays and weekends.    Program length may vary depending upon the intern’s availability, but a minimum of 8 weeks is required in order to receive a Certificate of Completion for the minimum of 280 hours.


      Perform hands-on animal care inside the Animal Room.  This includes feeding, water, tubing, weighing, assisting with wound care, bandaging, splinting, administering medications, fluid therapy, and orphan care.  Proper husbandry will be maintained while cleaning and changing cages, as well as demonstrating proper safety precautions at all times while handling wildlife patients.  


 The intern may choose to complete the educational component of the internship, which requires them to assist in wildlife presentations and help conduct group tours of the sanctuary.  Interns assist education staff with a variety of programs for the public and schools both on and off site. In addition to improving their own presentation skills, interns assist with program development.  

If interested in applying, please email The Intern coordinator will answer all of your questions and forward you an application to fill out. 


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