Natchez National Historical Park Administrative Support Assistant

Position Description

Natchez National Historical Park Administrative Support Assistant



Amy Smith Gordon
Chief of Administration
Natchez National Historical Park
640 South Canal Street
Natchez, MS 39120
Voice: 601-442-7047
Fax: 601-442-8845


This position is located in the Administrative Division of Natchez National Historical Park. This position performs various adminlstrative functions and provides clerical support to the park.

Major Duties:

Employee serves as the park receptionist in the headquarters office. Receives and screens calls from various interest groups whichlnciude congressional staff, Park SeMce officials, officials from other government agencies, representatives from private industry, and the public. Receives park visitors in person or by telephone, directing

them to appropriate individuals. Answers as many questions as possible according to own discretion in compliance with park regulations and published visitor information

materials so as to avoid unnecessary interruptions of other park personnel

Employee receives and distributes incoming mail, and ensures outgoing mail has proper postage and is ready for pickup by USPS. Prepares FedEx shipments and arranges pickup. Reconciles FedEx billing.

Makes copies of documents and sends facsimile copies as necessary to assist staff members vultth projects, deadlines and routine rnatters.

Establishes and maintains the office flies (eiectronic or manual) to meet program needs for information storage and retrieval. Files may include administrative material and regulations, correspondence, reports, forms, and/or documentation pertaining to

activities of the ofice. Keeps the park bulletin boards up-to-date and ensures all mandatory documents are posted.

Performs supply functions including receiving incoming supplies, materials and equipment, checking items against documents for completeness, and resolving discrepancies with the contracting officer or shipping companies. Prepares necessary

receiving reports. Orders and maintains stock items such as office supplies, copier paper, etc., using mandatory sources of supply. Ensures that office equipment is maintained and serviced and that equipment maintenance and repair records are maintained.

Ensures that property is appropriately marked to identify it as government propefty, enters the propery In to EMS, and conducts propefty inventories and report of surveys. Tracks property acquisitions, transfers, and disposals, and prepares forms to report and sell excess and surplus property. Maintains property inventory records.

Disposes or assists with disposal of excess property in agcordance with applicable

procedures. Assists supervisor in the annual inventory of property,

Incumbent enters purchase requests into the FBMS system ensuring all required

documentation is attached and routes the completed purchase request to the approving


Prepares remittance reports and bank deposits for funds collected within the park.

Maintains necessary income accountability records. Troubleshoots and corrects accounting problems which may involve correction of related reports.

Serves as the payroll coordinator for the park and is responsible for payroll preparation

and payroll record keeping including leave. Assists staff in resolving payrol( questions.

incumbent will perform other duties as assigned.


Factor 1 — Knowledge Required by the Position

Extensive knowledge of the organization's rules, operations, and procedures sufficient to perform the majority of complex and one-of-a-kind ciericat processing tasks.

Knowledge of and skill in applying, standard and non-standard rules: regulations, processes, and procedures refating to administrative clerical work to support the

functional programs of the park.

Knowledge of the mission and objectives of the National Park Service and knowledge of

the key resources and programs of the park.

Knowledge of administrative and/or clerical processes and procedures in the areas of time and attendance, procurements, property management, supply management, fea collection, mail distribution and file maintenance.

Ability to interpret and apply rules, regulations, procedures and other written materials in order to provide advice and assistance to employees and to handle recurring administrative functions.

Ability to operate office equipment such as facsimile and copy machines.

Knowledge of NPS records management guidelines to ensure records are filed appropriately.

Working knowledge of supply operations and warehousing techniques, such as ordering expendable office supplies, issuing stock, maintaining Inventories and resolve

discrepancles. Ability to secure and maintain a government purchase card.

In-depth knowledge of Federal, DOI, and NPS Property Management Regulations, guidelines, and directives, covering acquisition, utilization, and disposal of Government-owned personal property including specialized and/or scientific equipment to understand the basis for the work, how assignments are to be accomplished and the

appropriateness of deviations of procedures.

A thorough working knowledge of property inventory techniques, maintenance of expendable office supplies, property records, and accountability to conduct and reconcile inventories.

Knowledge of the FBMS system to maintain property records and input purchase requests.

Knowledge of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, LIS. Treasury Financial Management Guidelines, Departmental, NPS and park fee collection guidelines and procedures.

Knowledge and skill in the accountable handling of cash and checks and ablllty to accurately complete standard mathematical calculations.

Knowledge of procedures and practices covered in payroll manuals to ensure proper submittal of time and attendance reports and the regulatory provisions governing earnings, leave, premium pay etc.

Knowledge of pfjorities, commitments and program goals to respond to fluctuating workloads.

Factor 2 — Supervisory Controls

The supervisor provides assignments, generally indicating what is to be done, deadlines, and priorities. Additional instructions are provided for new, difficult, or unusual assignments. The employee uses initiative to perform recurring office work independently. That work is performed is accordance with estabiished priorities and

instructions. Accepted practices are followed in resolving non-recurring problems and meeting deadlines. Unusual or very complex problems are reviewed with the supervisor

who provides advice and suggests procedures. Work may be spot checked for accuracy and compliance with instructions and conformance with policy; however, genera!ty it is reviewed for effectiveness in meeting goats.

Factor 3 — Guidelines

The employee uses extensive established procedures and specific guidelines in the

form of oral instructions, NPS policies, focal operating procedures manuals, handbooks,

policy statements, laws rufes, and regulations that are appiicable to administrative functions. Duties are performed in accordance with estabkished procedures and specific

guidelines, Federal manuals,' regulations, and precedent actions. The employee locates

and selects the appropriate guidelines, references and procedures for application to

specific cases, referring situations to which the existing guidelines cannot be applied or

significant deviations must be made to the supervisor.

Factor 4 — Complexity

Duties range over a spectrum of functions such as filing, ordering supplies, property management and payroll, Each function requires knowledge of a separate body of

rules, regulations and procedures, which the Incumbent must be capable of interpreting,

explaining to others and applying. Duties involve the full range of standard and non-standard clerical assignments and resolving some non-recurring problems. The volume

of work is large and the incumbent must be extreme\y accurate and complete assignment$ in a timefy matter. The incumbent selects and applies appropriate guidelines decides what needs to be done and how to accomplish it by analyzing the issues involved in the particufar situation and the needs, priorities, goals and

commitments of the supeMsor and the staff.

Factor 5 — Scope and Effect

The work involves the application and execution of specific rules, regulations, and/or administrative procedures while providing a full range of general office support

functions, including filing. The incumbent is responsible for the smooth flow, quality,

timeliness and accuracy of financial and other park documents. The scope of the position encompasses fee collection, properÜ managements supply management, time

and attendance reporting, payroll input, and coordination of administrative functions. The work involves the application and execution ot specific rules, regulations, and procedures that typically comprises a segment of an assignment or project of broader

scope. The efficient operation of the administrative services provided affects the accuracy, reliability, quality, and timeliness of park administrative products, and the

overakl operation of the park.

Factor 6 — Personal Contacts

Contacts are with administrative personnel, park managers, supervisors, employees

and volunteers, agencies, vendors, consultants, etc.

Factor 7 Purpose of Contacts

The purpose of contact both within the organization or with the public are to obtain, clarify, or exchange information or facts needed to complete an assignment, or to respond to inquiries. Other contacts are for the purpose ot planning and coordinating

actions to prevent errors, delays or other operating problems occurring during the


Factor g — Physical Demands

The work is mostly sedentary but also necessitates walking, bending, lifting, and travel to field sites is required.

Factor 8 Work Environment

The work is performed tn an office setting with some time spent in field locations.

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