Official Classification Title: BUDGET TECHNICIAN



Amy Smith Gordon
Chief of Administration
Natchez National Historical Park
640 South Canal Street
Natchez, MS 39120
Voice: 601-442-7047
Fax: 601-442-8845

Series and Grade: GS-561-07


Introduction: This position is located at a National Park Service unit and serves as a principal assistant to a higher-graded employee, providing technical budget and accounting assistance.

Major Duties:

Consolidates budget estimates from the unit’s program managers, and organizes budget data according to account, object class, and program activity. Prepares forms and documents required to transmit the units annual and future year budget requests to higher-level officials within the organization.

Provides technical assistance to others in formulating and executing current year operating programs. Prepares recurring and special summary reports on specific areas of the budget as requested by the supervisor.

Maintains and updates annual operating programs. Adjusts programmed amounts to reflect changes in approved funding (e.g., increases in salaries, across-the-board reductions, etc.) by applying standard percentage adjustments. Funding is programmed to reflect requirements needed to accomplish the work.

Reconciles account activity with monthly financial reports.

Researches accounting problems such as incorrect accounts, erroneous payments, object class errors, unobligated commitments, and late payments, and ensures corrections and/or adjustment documents are entered into the accounting system.

Provides technical expertise and training to personnel in accounts receivable, accounts payable, reimbursements, voucher preparation and examination, and preparation of financial reports.

Responsible for accomplishment of imprest fund, third party draft, and/or fee collection audits. Conducts or reviews audit results, including cash verification requirements, cash register receipts, inventories, documentation, and designation/revocation requirements.

Reviews new and revised guidelines and directives and ensures information is disseminated to responsible personnel. Assists in drafting procedural instructions and guidelines.

Factor 1. Knowledge Required by the Position

Knowledge of Government accounting procedures, practices, and theories to verity work performed by lower level employees.

Knowledge of Government appropriations and the National Park Service (NPS) accounting system to ensure appropriate accounting of expenditures, correct coding of transactions, and proper documentation in order to maintain fiscal integrity.

Knowledge of budget procedures, forms, documents, reports, and related requirements in order to compile and organize an annual budget request for the unit.

Detailed knowledge of the structure of the unit’s accounts to adjust records in accordance with changes in funding levels in approved annual budgets.

Knowledge of techniques used in maintaining, balancing, and categorizing accounts in an accounting system to assist in year-end closing.

Knowledge of the interrelationship between appropriations and the various operating accounts to ensure transfers of funds are accomplished correctly.

Knowledge of Treasury Department and NPS manuals, guidelines, and directives in order to ensure adherence to regulations and policies by imprest fund cashiers, fee collectors, and third party draft agents.

Factor 2. Supervisory Controls

Supervisor assigns work in terms of unit objectives and provides instruction on policy changes.

Employee works independently and is expected to maintain work flow, disseminate information, and ensure that assignments are accomplished, deadlines are met, and fiscal integrity is maintained.

Employee makes suggestions to improve operating procedures.

Work is reviewed from a program accomplishment standpoint. Accounting transactions are spot-checked.

Factor 3. Guidelines

Guidelines are NPS manuals, handbooks, directives, Comptroller General Decisions, General Accounting Office (GAO) accounting manuals and circulars, and standard operating procedures.

Guidelines are available, but may not always apply to all situations.

Incumbent uses judgment in interpreting guidelines and to independently determine their applicability to numerous and various situations which are not always specifically covered.

Factor 4. Complexity

The work consists of identifying, compiling, consolidating, checking, and verifying a wide variety of detailed budgetary data. The employee chooses the proper guidelines and sequence of procedures to be followed in compiling and submitting the budget request.

The nature of the position is to ensure an effective work flow so that financial records properly reflect the accounting data processed, payments are promptly and accurately submitted, and payment discounts are taken when applicable. Cash verifications and audits are performed in a timely manner, and

incumbent ensures that funds are properly expended.

Employee considers the necessity for accuracy on transactions and documents and must be alert to detect errors. Employee deals with a variety of funds, including ONPS, no-year construction, fee enhancement, donations, reimbursables, etc. Incumbent is responsible for determining accurate accountability of funds and appropriations.

Incumbent audits and verifies work, and monitors deadlines. Establishes and maintains reimbursable and other special accounts, performs cash audits, and provides necessary basic fiscal training to unit personnel. Fiscal integrity is of vital importance to the budget and accounting function and incumbent must maintain a high degree of expertise in this position to be able to spot potential problems, to correct errors, and to initiate procedures with the aim of preventing errors.

Factor 5. Scope and Effect

The purpose of this position is to provide budget and fiscal assistance to the unit. The work involves compiling and consolidating documents and records that are integral to the unit’s budget and operating programs.

The work has influence on financial accountability and overall fiscal integrity of the unit’s budget.

Factor 6. Personal Contacts

Contacts are with NPS personnel within the unit, at the next higher organizational level, and in the NPS accounting office, as well as with vendors and other agency personnel and accounting office staff.

Factor 7. Purpose of Contacts

The purposes of the contacts are to disseminate and exchange information, provide assistance, and resolve discrepancies. Contacts may involve persuading unit personnel to check the accuracy of submissions or revise original estimates.

Factor 8. Physical Demands

The work is mostly sedentary.

Factor 9. Work Environment

The work is performed in an office setting.


1. Knowledge Required by the Position FLD 1-4 550 points

2. Supervisory Controls FLD 2-3 275 points

3. Guidelines FLD 3-3 275 points

4. Complexity FLD 4-3 150 points 5. Scope and Effect FLD 5-2 75 points

6&7 (combined). Personal Contacts

& Purpose of Contacts FLD 1B 60 points

8. Physical Demands FLD 8-1 5 points 9. Work Environment FLD 9-1 5 points


OPM Job Family PCS for Clerical and Technical Accounting and Budget Work, GS-0500, dated

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