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Overall Job Objective

Under general supervision to implement, evaluate, and assist with the development of the Trail Stewardship plans, policies, projects, and management practices at a professional level, consistent with department goals and within a department-wide context that supports all chartered land uses and open space purposes; primarily to deliver professional project design and field work (30-60%), but also to develop program elements or procedures; to develop broad or highly specialized expert strategies and resolution of issues in the area of trail construction; to provide design, consultation, technical assistance, and management to protect and enhance trails on OSMP properties; and to perform related duties as required.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Works in a collaborative manner to help implement the Trail Stewardship program, which includes the following:
• Collaborates with other staff to develop and implement trail construction projects identified in OSMP plans. 
• Interpret general OSMP departmental plan direction to develop specific implementable projects.
• Works cooperatively with OSMP staff to develop and implement best management practices and policies to accomplish work group and department goals. 
• Coordinates and performs trail construction field work to accomplish department goals.
• Plans, designs, and coordinates construction and Stewardship projects for the trails program.
• Builds effective alliances with other department service areas, city departments, local and state agencies, and public interest groups to ensure time lines, public process requirements and budgetary constraints are met.
• Develops client relationships and provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers through careful listening and understanding of client issues and by communicating research findings, proposals, specifications, and project statuses to ensure multiple management objectives are being met.
• Assist with the development of programmatic work plan and budget recommendations and may manage project budgets and business processes associated with the program's annual work plan; may help pursue grant opportunities related to program goals.  
• May provide project inspection and technical support for contracted projects to ensure contractor compliance with project specifications, quality control, standards, technical accuracy and uniformity.  
• May have primary responsibility for implementing a developing program or function.
2. Lead, coordinate and oversee standard staff, seasonal employees, volunteers, court ordered community service and/or Jail Crew in performing program work in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner to meet department goals. 
• Works with other staff to plan, develop, and relay daily work plans for crews, Stewardships and/or community service participants.  Provides project oversight to ensure quality and consistency with department standards.
• May perform or coordinate necessary training for crews and/or volunteers including writing equipment maintenance protocols, safe equipment and tool operations and safety precautions.
• May lead, coordinate and schedule court ordered community service workers and their individual court ordered community service contracts for multiple city, county and state courts and court agency administrators.  
• Resolves conflict among crew members, volunteers and/or community service participants, maintains a positive team environment and refers issues appropriately to their immediate supervisor.    
• Communicate effectively, keeping crew members, volunteers and/or community service participants informed on project priorities and logistics.
• Ensures that crews, volunteers and/or community service participants have all necessary equipment and supplies and that tools, vehicles, and equipment are maintained in good working order.  
• Ensure completion of project reports outlining project goals, accomplishments, project resources, photo documentation, and volunteer/contracted group/community service/jail crew hours if applicable.  
• Develop strategic relationships and effective partnerships with local, state and/or federal agencies and community groups.  
• Assist in the recruitment, screening and interviewing of standard staff and seasonal employees.  Provide feedback to supervisor to assist in personnel actions; including but not limited to hiring, pay increase, termination and performance evaluations.  
• May guide, direct and evaluate volunteers, jail crew and/or community service participants 
• May coordinate with field staff and volunteer supervisors to design volunteer projects that meet the needs of the department and volunteers.
• May coordinate community stewardship days, City-County events and interdepartmental projects. 
3. Provides advice and technical assistance for management planning, land use planning, programmatic budgeting, and project designs to implement Trail Stewardship program goals within a department-wide context that supports all chartered land uses and open space purposes.
• Develops and provides broad or highly specialized technical advice and objectives for inclusion in department plans that support program goals, which may include recommendations for property acquisitions. 
• Provide project specific technical documentation necessary to apply for city, county, state and federal regulations/ clearances.
• Brings forward best practices and objective scientific research available to inform management decisions.
• Ensure that projects are completed in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established scope, schedule and budget.
• Evaluates multiple criteria including, but not limited to, the following: protection issues, restoration needs, visitor use patterns and resource damage to make independent judgement of best solutions and actions.
• Provides technical review of department project designs and permits to make recommendations for improvements to better meet program goals.
• Collaborates with department staff to train and implement best management practices for recreational, scenic and visitor experience projects to support program goals.
• Contributes design recommendations and monitoring to help ensure department compliance with regulatory requirements related to program disciplines and project implementation.  
• Works as part of a team to coordinate staff response to issues related to program disciplines.
• Influences others through experienced professional judgment and well-developed rationale; participates at a professional level in field of expertise.
• Determine necessary materials, equipment and staff resources needed for projects.  Provide information to help develop yearly work plan and program budgets.  
• Help resolve public concerns related to program disciplines.
• May provide liaison role to external organizations for program disciplines, as applicable, representing department goals and integrating with the goals of others.
4.  Other
• Performs related duties as required to meet the needs of the city.
• Promotes a culture of teamwork through collaboration and communication. 
• Maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity; provides excellent customer services to internal and external customers; listens to questions and concerns, evaluates issues and possible solutions, works collaboratively with the OSMP and other city teams to find solutions to challenges that arise; inspires confidence and respect; uses feedback from others to grow and develop.
• Takes proper safety precautions, anticipates unsafe circumstances, and acts accordingly to prevent accidents.  Responsible for the safety of self, others, materials, and equipment.  Uses all required safety equipment and follows all safety regulations, policies and procedures.  Reports all accidents and damage to city property.
• Actively supports and upholds the city's stated mission and values.  Optimizes the use of resources; responsible for knowing and complying with all city and department policies; participating in professional trainings and development; and adhering to attendance and workplace attire policies.



Two years of education in Recreation Ecology, Recreation Resources Management, Environmental Studies/Science, Parks Management, Construction Management, or Public Land Management or a related field plus minimum of three years of work experience or five years of work experience in directly related field.  Demonstrated ability to schedule and organize work using latitude in determining approach.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, departments, governmental agencies, and the public.  Ability to prepare effective written reports, and to work and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people, including the ability to deal courteously with the public and land users.  Demonstrated analytical and organizational skills.  Ability to provide feedback to coworkers, volunteers and seasonal employees for the continuous improvement of operations.  Knowledge of ArcGIS and Microsoft Office.  Physical ability and willingness to work in adverse weather and field conditions.  Ability to use all safety equipment.  Valid driver's license.  Have and maintain an acceptable motor vehicle record.


DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS – In addition to the required minimum qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Recreation Ecology, Recreation Resources Management, Environmental Studies/Science, Parks Management, Construction Management, or Public Land Management or a related field and five years of work experience in trail construction and/or maintenance.  Prior experience leading or supervising technicians, contractors, and/or volunteers.  Strong proficiency with ArcGIS.  Ability to review and evaluate engineering designs and drawings.  Demonstrated knowledge of visitor infrastructure design, construction and maintenance techniques and recreational activities in the Colorado Front Range or an area with similar, high recreation use levels.

Supplemental Information


WORKING CONDITIONS - Required Physical and Mental Effort, and Environmental Conditions:

Physical Demands and Mental Effort: Ability to perform a wide range of physical and manual tasks in an outdoor environment.  Physical ability to stand, bend, walk, and kneel.  Ability to carry up to 40 pounds while hiking on rough terrain.  Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities that permits the employee to communicate effectively on the telephone and in person.  Sufficient vision or other powers of observation that permits the employee to review, evaluate and prepare a variety of written documents and materials.  Sufficient manual dexterity that permits the employee to operate computer equipment and other office equipment.  Work may include extended periods of time viewing a computer video monitor and/ or operating a keyboard.  Ability to work under stress from demanding deadlines, public contact, and changing priorities and conditions.

Work Environment: Works in a clean, comfortable environment, and also works in an outdoor environment year-round.  Potential exposure to dangerous wildlife (e.g., rattlesnakes, mountain lions, stinging insects), toxic chemicals (e.g., pesticides), and dangerous weather conditions (e.g., heat, cold, lightning).

Machines and equipment used include, but are not limited to the following: Frequently uses standard office equipment including personal computers, calculators, cell phones, and copy machines; vehicles including four-wheel drive vehicles; a range of relevant and appropriate tools and equipment.


ACCOMMODATIONS:  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

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