Background Checks For SCA AmeriCorps Members

Background checks can be one of the most complicated portions of the enrollment process for SCA AmeriCorps members, but it is important to get all in place as soon as possible to ensure you are able to begin on your expected start date.

AmeriCorps really values the safety of its participants and the people you serve, so they have some stringent criminal history check requirements that you need to follow in order to be allowed to serve as an AmeriCorps member. This process often feels redundant, but it is really important for your safety, and for the safety of the people you work with on a daily basis.

Background Checks Required

  1. National Sex Offender Website (NSOPW) check
    1. required for all SCA AmeriCorps members who have recurring access to vulnerable populations (please see page 2 when redirected from the hyperlink)
  2. State Repository check for your state of residence AND your state of service (some states do not apply)
    • required for all SCA AmeriCorps members
  3. Fingerprint-based FBI check
    • required for all SCA AmeriCorps members
    • includes fingerprinting
  4. Additional background checks may be required by your site. Those are managed directly with your site supervisor and is a separate process than what is outlined on this website.

Emails to Expect:

SCA has a vendors (Fieldprint and Truescreen) that help us with this process. With this vendor, we have streamlined the process as much as possible and continue to work on ways to make this better.

All members should expect to receive emails from Truescreen for their NSOPW and/or State Background checks, as well as Fieldprint for the FBI Background Check.

Background checks via Truescreen

  1. NOSPW and State Check Instructions
    • Truescreen conducts both the NSOPW and state repository checks at the same time when possible. You should expect an email from SCA's HR Department regarding the Truescreen checks that are required for you.
    • State background checks are required if you will have access to vulnerable populations during your position, and may take 1-2 weeks to process. Please start these State background check(s) ASAP because you will not be eligible to being service until they have cleared.
      • State Repository-
        • Some states will require you to fill out a release form in order for Truescreen to complete your state repository check. They will send you an email with instructions if needed.

Fingerprint-based FBI Background Check via Fieldprint

Fieldprint conducts FBI fingerprinting for all SCA AmeriCorps members, but an appointment to get this completed must be scheduled. All SCA AmeriCorps members are required to complete an FBI Fingerprint Background Check prior to the start of their position. failure to do so will delay a member's start date or disqualify them from serving in AmeriCorps. You should expect an email from SCA’s HR Department that provides step by step instructions on how to schedule a fingerprint appointment and what to bring with you to your appointment.


Details on each type of Background Check:

National Sex Offender Website (NSOPW) Check

This criminal history check is conducted through Truescreen electronically. When they are ready to run this check, they will send you an email with a special link just for you. You will need to click that link and follow the directions. This one is pretty straight forward, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the SCA's Human Resources staff directly. 

State Repository Check

In most circumstances this check is conducted at the same time as the NSOPW check and is all electronic based on information you provide to Truescreen. However, you may be required to complete additional forms such as a release of information form. You will also need to provide a photo of your unexpired and valid government ID. This step is mandatory.

Fingerprint-based FBI Check**

SCA’s Human Resources staff will send an email with instructions on how to access the Fieldprint site and schedule an appointment with a local office that conducts Fingerprint-based FBI checks in your area. Offices that conduct fingerprint-based FBI checks for Fieldprint are completed via digital scanning.

If you are in an area that is not within a fair distance for you to travel to the closest office, you will need to contact Fieldprint directly to send a fingerprinting packet to your mailing address. Once you receive the packet to your mailing address, you will then need to visit your local sheriff’s office to have the fingerprints completed. Once your fingerprint packet is complete, you will need to send the packet back to Fieldprint. All materials needed to complete the paper fingerprint-based FBI process are provided in the packet.


          **Please note that the paper fingerprint-base FBI process can take up to 2- 4 weeks and all packets must be sent back to Fieldprint. This requirement applies to those who decide to no longer participate with their program due to emergency, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

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