Enrollment 101 (Interns and Corps)

To get ready for your position, SCA has a series of steps that need to be completed so that you can have a happy, safe and effective position – these are also needed for SCA’s compliance requirements!  If you are like me, you hear the word compliance and your eye’s glaze over, but don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through all the steps! 

You will be getting a bunch of emails from a lot of different email addresses in the coming days and weeks, please make sure to open and read each of them… and contact someone at SCA if you are confused!  Our onboarding team is your one stop shop for all enrollment questions, you can contact them at hrdocs@thesca.org.

Here is a checklist of everything required for your position:

Things you'll need:

•    Photo ID
•    US Passport or Birth Certificate (or other proof of citizenship)
•    Social Security number
•    Digital camera/scanner
•    Computer with internet access

Things to do:

1.   Sign Documents in your MySCA Portal
2.   Upload ID documents in your MySCA Portal (this is where the camera comes in handy!)
3.   Complete background checks and I-9
4.   Read the intern or corps hand book
5.   Complete required AmeriCorps Orientation training(s) for interns or corps members
6.    Make sure you have a place to live (most positions come with housing, but if you aren't sure, check with your SCA Adviser)
7.    Book your travel to the site (or get ready to drive!)
8.    Set up your MyAmeriCorps portal and complete the enrollment form:
        a. For members serving with AmeriCorps for the first time, please create a profile: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/recruit/registration.do  (If you already have a MyAmeriCorps account from previous service, you do not need to create another profile)
        b. You will receive an email from myamericorps@americorps.gov to complete an enrollment invite (check your spam folder!) about 1 week before your position's start date.
        c. Click the link in the email, log into your MyAmeriCorps account, and complete the enrollment form on the homepage.

If you have any questions during this process, please email AmeriCorps@thesca.org

Common Questions:

•   I don't see my documents in the MySCA portal, how do I know when they've been sent?

  • There is some lag time between when you are selected and when your paperwork arrives.  You will get an email from "SCAenrollment@thesca.org" when you have paperwork that is ready for you to sign.

•    I don't have my birth certificate, permanent resident card, or US passport handy, can I still serve in AmeriCorps?

  • For the AmeriCorps Proof of Citizenship form: In order to serve as an SCA AmeriCorps member, we are required to have your proof of citizenship or permanent residency document on file before your start date.  If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident or can't provide us with this documentation, you can request to be taken out of the AmeriCorps program and just serve as an SCA member.
  • For the I-9: If you have lost your birth certificate, please request a new one and send us the confirmation email so that we know that you started the process- this is valid for the first 90 days of service.

•    I'm a little nervous about uploading all of this personal information on to the web, are there any alternatives?

  • SCA uses a secure platform called Sertifi to collect and store all of your important documents.  All communications with Sertifi take place with a full 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security. Sertifi is fully secured and monitored 24/7 and customer data is secured and available only via configurable user authorization.  Because of the volume of paperwork that SCA collects on a yearly basis we do not have the capacity to securely collect and store paperwork in alternate way.  Uploading your documents into Sertifi is the best way to keep your data safe!

•    Why are you conducting background checks on me? I'm not a bad guy, I promise!

  • We know that the people that apply to our programs are great people just trying to do great things for the earth!  SCA wants make sure that you, the site and the people we work with are as safe as possible and our first step in doing this is to conduct background checks for all members.  AmeriCorps' background check requirements are a little more stringent than SCA's, so we have to follow AmeriCorps' policies for everyone serving as an AmeriCorps member.  We know it is a pain and in some cases requires some planning, but we appreciate you all of the hard work you do BEFORE and after your position starts!

•    How will I know what to do for these background checks?

  • You will get an email from research@easybackgrounds.com with all of the specifics regarding the background checks that are required for you position.  There are a lot of details that determine which kinds of background checks are needed for each position, but as long as you follow the directions in those emails and reach out when you are confused, you will be just fine!

•    I'm super confused by all of these emails I am getting, who can I contact to help me figure this out?

  • Email HR@thesca.org or call SCA at 603-543-1700 and asking for a member of the Onboarding Team! 

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