SCA AmeriCorps Intern Live Online Orientation

This orientation is specific for SCA AmeriCorps Interns.  If you are unsure if you are an intern or if you accepted AmeriCorps, please reference your “Next Steps” email or ask your SCA Advisor.

  1. If you haven't already, please watch SCA AmeriCorps Orientation video (Part 1) because it is required.** This video is about 30 minutes long, and should be watched before the live webinar.  Please be sure that you have enough time to complete it, and email with your date of completion! 
  2. If you are an SCA Intern, please plan to attend one of the upcoming presentations of part 2 (which is a live webinar):

    No webinars have been scheduled for the next week; please view the recorded webinar (link below) for the time being, until more webinars are posted. Sorry for the inconvenience!

**You should watch Part 1 as soon as you are selected for your SCA AmeriCorps position, but you can attend Part 2 any time that works for you (even after your position's start date)

If you are an SCA Intern and cannot attend the live webinar presented by SCA staff, you are welcome to view the recorded version:

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