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Life After AmeriCorps: Reflections and Communicating Out on Your Experience

Hello SCA AmeriCorps Alumni! Now that your position is over, you may be wondering 'what's next?'  You may be heading back to school, you might be starting a new job or internship, or you may current… View »

Time Log Tutorial

The following video will help you with any questions you have about tracking your time and activities while in your internship.  It is a step by step guide to creating and managing time logs for your… View »

Accompaniment For Members

AmeriCorps' regulations require the SCA to conduct background checks on all SCA AmeriCorps members.  Some of those members require an extra level of background checks because they work with memb… View »

Enrollment 101 (Interns and Corps)

To get ready for your position, SCA has a series of steps that need to be completed so that you can have a happy, safe and effective position – these are also needed for SCA’s compliance requirements… View »

Background Checks For SCA AmeriCorps Members

Background checks can be one of the most complicated portions of the enrollment process for SCA AmeriCorps members, but it is important to get all in place as soon as possible to ensure you are able… View »

SCA AmeriCorps Required Training - Part 1

Since you selected the benefit of being an AmeriCorps member along with your SCA position, you are required to participate in a two-part orientation training that gives you specific information perta… View »

Community Outreach Project

As you know by now, AmeriCorps is all about improving lives, strengthening communities, and fostering civic engagement through service and volunteering.  With that in mind, SCA has made the commitmen… View »

SCA AmeriCorps - the details

As part of their SCA experience, most members are offered the option to enroll in AmeriCorps for their SCA position. This means that members can choose to participate in the SCA program as an AmeriCo… View »

AmeriCorps End of Term Wrap Up

These 4 requirements should be completed within 7 days after your end date for all SCA AmeriCorps members and must be completed regardless of whether or not you will be receiving an Education Award. … View »

Partner Annual AmeriCorps Requirements

**This information is specific for SCA site partners, supervisors or leaders that plan to host/lead an AmeriCorps member in the coming year.  If you are an SCA member, please return to the previous p… View »


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