SCA AmeriCorps Required Training - Part 1

Since you selected the benefit of being an AmeriCorps member along with your SCA position, you are required to participate in a two part orientation that gives you specific information pertaining to AmeriCorps and your internship.  Part 1 of that orientation is available below.

Watch this interactive video after being selected for your position, or anytime you want to brush up on your AmeriCorps information.  It should take you about 25 minutes to complete.

In order to get credit for completing this requirement, you must email AMERICORPS@THESCA.ORG

  ** IMPORTANT NOTE** - This is required for each position that you serve in as an AmeriCorps member.  Even if you have done it before.

To access the registration page for the Part 2 live webinar (required for interns only) click here.

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