Although I've been working for and alongside the SCA for many years, this is my first post on Conservation Nation! Hello world!

We're packed in with 3 feet of snow here in the valley, and I start my next internship in less than a week. I'm all packed and ready to move to Utah, so this morning I'm cozied up with a book and fresh coffee. Here's what I'm reading, and what's on my list

I'm about finished with A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopold. He was a brilliant naturalist poet known for his poignant writings on man's relationship with Nature. The book is beautifully illustrated in words and pictures. I picked this copy up for a steal at goodwill, score!

Next on my list is King Solomon's Rings, by Konrad Lorenz. I have read a little bit of it and so far the author is journaling his experience with opening up his house to a wide variety of animals, and cultivating close relationships with them whilst maintaining a level of wildness. He talks about the benefits as well as the dangers of keeping pets, and how social structures found in nature can be integrated into a household. Lorenz has been criticized for anthropomorphizing the animals he lived with, but it makes for a very fun and engaging read nonetheless.

I'm excited to be finally paritcipating in the community here! I'll be starting my next internship as a Park Ranger Intern at Natural Bridges National Monument soon! Glad to be here and happy trails, all! -Tano

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