I just started my post in Philadelphia with the National Parks Service. Is anyone else in the area? Any tips on meeting likeminded crunchy souls in a new city?

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Hi Miriam! 

I'm not in Philly anymore, but I served there for my SCA/AmeriCorps post back in 2014. What are you doing out there? 

Woah -- apologies for the late response, I somehow missed your reply! I'm interning with the NPS at their regional office in Old City. What was your SCA/Americorps position?

Haha. Hope your position is going well! I was working with Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance at NERO as a planning assistant/researcher - just for three months in the summer. Dave Lange and Sophie Sarkar were my supervisors. What are you doing out there?

Oh, very cool! I met Dave a while back, seems like a great guy. He's retired now but came out for a NERO happy hour haha. I'm working as communications coordinator for the National Heritage Areas Program. Peter Samuel is my supervisor. How did you like working at NERO?

Dave is a great guy! Glad he's enjoying retirement and some good old NERO happy hours. Are you working as a coordinator for the whole country or for NERO? Either way, sounds pretty interesting. Don't believe I met Peter Samuel. 

The whole NERO office environment was a new thing for me, as was Philadelphia. The Old City office (Customs House, right?) is definitely a neat place to be. Frequented Old City coffee across the street often. Lots to adjust to in the short time I was there. I had a lot of fun, but I'd be lying to say it wasn't also part of the reason I spent the next two years in wildlife field positions. How long is your position/how are you liking it?

Ah yes, Old City coffee is still the spot around here! I'm working with the NHAs in the Northeast, but coordinating with WASO some on a more national level. Sent you a pm!

Hi Miriam,

I am a Interning at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge as a Community Engagement Coordinator. The refuge is located at 8601 Lindbergh Ave. not to far from the airport. I am also a Philly native and I am happy to meet up with you. I am not sure how crunchy my soul is, so I guess you will find out soon enough.



Hi Hoan,

Sorry for the late response -- I missed your reply! Are you still interning with the Heinz Refuge? I'm living in South Philly.


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