Flat Stanley came to visit SCA's Charlestown, NH office today:  

He said hello to Codi at the the front desk:

Met with the Member Advisors and Interview & Selection Team (Cynthia, Theresa, Deb, Cec, Marlee, Cathy, Leslie, & Jessica):

Went for a hike by the Connecticut River (that's Vermont across the way):

And stopped by Crew Leader training at the LEED certified "Green Building" on campus:

He'd love to do some more traveling and visit some interns out in the field.  If you're interested in hosting Stanley for a week at your site, send me an email (epoore@thesca.org) with Flat Stanley in the subject line and include your name, mailing address, and internship end date.  Once he arrives in the mail, share his adventures on the Join the SCA.  Let's see how much ground he can cover this summer!

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Nice job, Flat Stanley! Looking forward to seeing your travels this summer.


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