Hey all,

So my position this summer is in a location with limited access to food, which is even more limited for me because of my vegan diet. I was wondering if anyone had experience or tips on stockpiling food to last a few months for a position in a remote area? ESPECIALLY if you've had to do it with a limited diet.

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Not sure if this helps, but the coop in Bozeman has a great bulk section with a lot of dry camping food, including a decent vegan selection (dry falafel mix, dry hummus, dehydrated vegetables, soup mixes). Billings is a closer but Im not really familiar with the availability of natural foods there.

-eat your greens while you have them and then rely on frozen produce and fruit stocked in your freezer

-freeze your bread 

- soy milk in cartons that won't go bad

-staples like potatoes/sweet potatoes, rice, oats, pasta, beans etc.

Hey! I'm lacto-vegetarian/gluten-free and I've been pretty worried about feeding myself too. So I actually gathered some student cookbooks from the library and made copies of recipes I thought sounded nummy and do-able. But I'm also planing to bring staples, like spices, cooking oil, tea, and maybe bulk stuff like oats and dried fruits. 

I'll have the luxury of a kitchen and fridge though. If you are ultra back country, here's what I've learned from backpacking:


- dried fruits/veggies (apples, apricots, berries, mango, peas, carrots, kale)

- variety of nuts & nut butter

- grains (quinoa, oats, rice)

- dehydrated soups

- sandwich stuffs (bread, hummus, jam)

- energy bars/drinks

- B12/multivitamin supplement 

Hope this helps!


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