Hey guys! I've accepted a position in southern Arizona, meaning I'll be moving there from New York this August. Does anyone have any experience doing a similar move? I have a few obstacles that prevent me from simpy loading up in my car and driving: 

  • My car has 165,000 miles already and adding another 2,600 is a lot for an old car
  • Shipping my car one-way costs approximately $1,000
  • If I were to end up being able to drive, my parents don't want me doing it alone. My friends all either work full-time jobs or will be returning to their universities by the time I'm set to leave.

If anyone has any tips for this type of situation, I'd really appreciate the help! 

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Hi Samantha,
I just drove from Pennsylvania out to California for my position with Inyo National Forest. I was lucky because my dad was able to take time off from work to drive out with me then fly back home. My car just hit 140,000 miles so it could potentially run into issues but I hope not. I would suggest reaching out to friends or family to see if someone would be able to travel with you. It could be tough to pack everything you need for a position in a carry-on and checked bag. I was very lucky when it came to travel for my position. Hoping for the best for you!
- Max


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