I am fortunate to have served back when SCA was low-tech (paper applications!), and had the purple and yellow eagle logo, AND to have served several times since then. It's been amazing to see the great steps SCA has taken as a leader in the field of conservation.

Curecanti National Recreation Area, CO - '05

Denali National Park, AK - '06

Pinnacles National Monument, CA - '09

Lake Metigoshe State Park, ND - '09



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Nice Trina! Those are all amazing places. I have a friend currently rangering at BLCA and that site also serves over Curecanti NRA. She says both places are amazingly beautiful. I'll be visiting her this summer. You will have to recommend some good hikes for me to do when I'm out there!

Environmental Educator - Ten Mile, TN '08'

Archivist- Cumberland Islands, GA '09'

Museum Technician- Death Valley, CA '10'


Good call on adding your titles :)

I loved BLCA and CURE, for CURE try to get on the boat tour of the reservoir between the first and second dams...I forget the same off the top of my head...hopefully you'll get a good tour guide who knows his/her geology. For BLCA, from the opposite way to the VC, see if you can get a ride down the zigzaggy dirt road to the bottom of the canyon. It's beautiful to see the river there and not that many people make it down there. I'll try to think of some more options and let you know!


All my internships were Interp/EE!


I was a CI last summer up in Montana at the Earthquake Lake Visitor Center on the Gallatin N.F.

I was for all purposes a GS-4 Park Guide, and fell in love with Interp and the mountains over the summer.

Currently wrangling a summer kids program for Ozark National Scenic Riverways as a GS-4, and wishing for the mountains again to escape this heat.

Currently, I'm at Pinnacles National Monument. Each place I've been to has been a different adventure. 

Pinnacles National Monument- Jr. Ranger Ambassador/ 2012

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve- Multimedia developer/ 2010

Homestead National Moument, Nebraska- May-Nov 2012: Soundscape and Invasive species monitor

Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge- Jan-Feb 2013: Fire effects monitor

Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge- Aug 2013- currently serving until Aug 2014: Invasive species specialist 

Oh man, I loved the old-school eagle logo! Still have my original SCA t-shirt where the eagle's wingspan is encompassing the globe.

Grand Canyon NP, AZ -'10 ASB intern

Bear Brook State Park, NH - '11 NH Corps Education/Conservation intern

Charlestown, RI - '12 CDIP SNEP Biology intern

Santa Monica Mountains, CA - '13 ASB intern

Seattle/Edmonds, WA - '13 Community crew leader 

The space eagle logo was legendary within my 2011 corps.  We talked about it all the time even though the leaf logo had been in place for awhile. 

That's an awesome list Trina! Any favorite of them?

Education and Outreach, Mt. Rainier NP, Washington State,, 2010

Education, Interpretation and Outreach, Prairie Wetlands Learning Center, (FWS), Fergus Falls, MN, 2011

Interpretation, Yellowstone NP, 2012

Education and Interpretation, Klondike Gold Rush NHP, Skagway, Alaska, 2014 (current)

It's really been an adventure. This summer I have the chance to teach at a historical park, which will be a first to me. I'm excited because I love history and I've not had the chance to focus on history in my teaching. 


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