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Attend an Orientation

All SCA interns attend an online orientation to learn more about their responsibilities and what it means to be an SCA member! There are two types of orientation; one for members that accepted AmeriCorps and one for members that did not (not all positions are eligible for AmeriCorps).

*If you are unsure if you accepted AmeriCorps, please reference your “Next Steps” email or check the "Prepare for Service" tab in your SCA application.

SCA Intern Orientation (required if you did not accept AmeriCorps

SCA AmeriCorps Orientation (required if you accepted AmeriCorps)

Learn more about Time Logs.  All interns are required to document their SCA service by completing time logs. 

Check out the SCA-Search Project for more on making the most of your internship.

Follow these instructions to complete the Form I-9 Training for Members and Partners

Create a Profile and join the Conservation Interns group.

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