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Time Logs: Tracking Your Service With Activity and Output Logs

Time logs are the way that SCA members report the hours they serve and the important projects they accomplish. Complete these logs accurately and professionally to ensure that SCA and your host have… View »

Getting Ready For Your Position - FAQs

We know that getting ready for your position can sometimes cause a little anxiety.  There is a lot that goes into preparing for that next step in your life, the adventure of SCA!  Here are some FAQs… View »

Intern Background Checks

SCA values the safety of its participants and the people you serve, so a criminal history check is required before you'll be allowed to serve as an SCA intern. This process can feel redundant, but… View »

Traveling to your site

Travel Overview: You are responsible for booking and paying for your travel using the taxed travel allowance provided by SCA. Your position may require a car, in which case you need to drive to your… View »

Risk Management for Interns

  Review the Job Hazard Analysis Tool:  Intern JHA Tool.pdf Create an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for your internship:  Intern ERP.pdf Learn More About Common Field Hazards: Heat St… View »

Wrapping Up Your Service

As you're getting ready to end your service, here are some tips for a successful wrap-up. More details about all of the steps below can be found in your Intern Handbook.  Finish up all time l… View »

Preparing For Service

This is the SCA Enrollment Paperwork needed for your internship position. It is estimated that it will take an estimated 60 minutes at a computer with internet access to complete. Things you'll need… View »

Travel Overview

  You are responsible for booking and paying for your travel using the travel allowance provided by SCA. You will receive your US Bank Debit Card which will be loaded with your travel allowan… View »

Intern Handbook

Welcome to your SCA internship experience!   The Intern Handbook is your go-to resource as you prepare for and carry out your internship.  Use it electronically or print out a copy to bring… View »

Online Intern Orientation Registration

All interns are now required to attend a webinar to learn more about what it means to be an SCA member.   *The registration page for AmeriCorps members has moved, please follow this link if you accep… View »


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