Preparing For Service

This is the SCA Enrollment Paperwork needed for your internship position. It is estimated that it will take an estimated 60 minutes at a computer with internet access to complete.

Things you'll need to gather:

All Interns:

  • SCA Confirmation of Acceptance
  • SCA Program Participant Agreement
  • Direct Deposit information
  • Form W-4
  • Electronic I-9 Form - here's more details on filling out this government form 
  • Background Check Request -- Check out this link for more details on background checks for AmeriCorps members.

If you are enrolling as an SCA AmeriCorps member:

  • SCA AmeriCorps Program Member Agreement
  • National Service Trust Enrollment Form
  • Health Insurance Enrollment Form (only for SCA AmeriCorps members serving 17 weeks or longer)
All forms are sent by email from SCA Enrollment.


All interns are required to attend an online webinar before their internship starts.  Select one of the following links to register:

SCA AmeriCorps Orientation (if you enrolled in SCA AmeriCorps)

SCA Intern Orientation (if you are not enrolled in SCA AmeriCorps)

*Not sure, check your “Next Steps” email or the "Prepare for Service" tab in your SCA application.

Make the most of your internship by checking out the SCA-Search Project before you start.

Learn more about your time In the Field.

Review the intern handbook.

Instructions for Completing I9 Section 2

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