Getting Ready for your Corps position - FAQs

We know that getting ready for your position can sometimes cause a little anxiety.  There is a lot that goes into preparing for that next step in your life, the adventure of SCA!  Here are some FAQs that will hopefully put your mind at ease.  This covers everything from what things mean in your MySCA portal, to how you are getting to your site.


Q: What does my portal status mean?

A: Your portal status helps us track when you have everything completed and are ready to enter the field. Once the status in your MySCA portal changes to “Field Approved” (under the “Prepare for Service” tab), it means you’re clear to begin your position based on the following:
   a. Your background check has cleared.
   b. You have signed all of your enrollment forms.
   c. You have been medically cleared.

Q: How am I getting paid?

A: Your living allowance will be distributed to you via direct deposit into your bank account or by paper check.  We strongly encourage you to use direct deposit.  Instructions on how to set up direct deposit are available when you log into your Paycom portal- a username and PW will be emailed to you when you accept your position.  The funds that you receive are a living allowance (not wages), and may not cover all of your expenses. The amount that you will be receiving is outlined in your “Conditions of Acceptance” (a.k.a. “COA”) form..

Q: How do I get to my site?

A: You are responsible for arranging your own travel. Your Travel Allowance will be directly deposited into your bank account within two weeks of accepting the position.  If you opted to receive paper checks, a check will be mailed to your permanent address. The SCA Travel Policy provides a flat amount for you to apply towards your travel arrangements (car, bus, train, tent, hotel, airplane, etc.). The amount that you will be receiving is outlined in your “Conditions of Acceptance” (a.k.a. “COA”) enrollment form. In some cases, the cost of travel will exceed your allowance and you will be responsible for any additional travel costs. (Hint: Book your travel as soon as possible to get the best deals). Most Corps positions do not require a vehicle.

Please discuss with your Project Leader where and when you are expected to arrive, and the best means of traveling to the site. In case of emergency, provide both your Project Leader and someone at home with your travel itinerary.

Q: Where am I going to be living?

A: Housing details and other benefits are specific to your position, and are generally arranged by your Project Leader. They are the best source of information regarding your housing arrangements.

Q: When do I get my uniform?

A: Your SCA uniform will be sent to the training site prior to your arrival. During periods of high volume, the uniform may arrive shortly after you do.

Q: Is there a way that I can connect with other SCA members before (or after) I get to my site?

A: Absolutely! You can join our online community at to connect with other members, share stories and more!
The Member Handbook provides additional information about the topics above.

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