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Travel Tips

Travel Overview: You are responsible for booking and paying for your travel using the travel allowance provided by SCA. Your position may require a car, in which case you need to drive to your site.… View »

Getting Ready for your Corps position - FAQs

We know that getting ready for your position can sometimes cause a little anxiety.  There is a lot that goes into preparing for that next step in your life, the adventure of SCA!  Here are… View »

Risk Management for Corps Team Members

SCA's Risk Management Goal is to "fulfill our mission in potentially hazardous environments without personal or organizational loss". Be sure to take the time to read the Risk Management pages (16 an… View »

Wrapping Up Your Service

As you're getting ready to end your service, here are some tips for a successful wrap-up. Service Logs Complete and submit all activity and output logs for your supervisor's approval within 1 week… View »

Corps Team Member Background Checks

SCA values the safety of its participants and the people you serve, so a criminal history check is required before you'll be allowed to serve as an SCA Corps member. This process can feel redundant,… View »

SCA AmeriCorps

To participate as an SCA AmeriCorps member you must: Be selected for an AmeriCorps eligible internship Attend an online orientation Complete AmeriCorps enrollment and exit paperwork Follow AmeriCorp… View »

Preparing for Service

This is the SCA Enrollment Paperwork needed for your Corps Team position. It is estimated that it will take an estimated 60 minutes at a computer with internet access to complete. Things you'll need… View »

Corps SCA Field Guide

Before you begin your Corps Team position be sure to: Read the SCA Field Guide View »

On-line Trainings and Orientation Video links

There are a few things we ask you to complete before training. They are listed below. Watch the Orientation Video for SCA AmeriCorps Members. - If you selected the benefit of being an AmeriCorps memb… View »


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