Travel Tips

Travel Overview:

  • You are responsible for booking and paying for your travel using the travel allowance provided by SCA.
  • Your position may require a car, in which case you need to drive to your site.
  • No receipts are required for travel, however you may submit receipts to be reimbursed the taxes that were taken out of your allowance.  See the Corps Member Handbook for details.
  • The standard travel allowance granted to and from your site is $650. 
  • Positions located in Alaska or Hawaii receive a travel allowance of $1115.
  • Car required positions receive a travel allowance of $1100.

Check out these important tips before booking your travel:

  • Talk to your Project Leader to find out when and where you should arrive. Ask about the best way to get there: plane, train, bus, or ferry.
  • Consider booking a one-way ticket if you think plans for your trip home may change. The cost of 2 one-way tickets is often less than the fees most airlines charge for changing a reservation.
  • Check multiple website, including the airlines, to make sure you're getting the best deal. If you have the time before your team start date, consider signing up for an email alert to notify you if prices fall.
  • Plane tickets are generally less expensive if you book at least 21 days before you travel.
  • Before you book a ticket, check for extra fees the airline and/or ticketing website may charge. Fees to check baggage or if you make changes to your ticket are common on most, but not all, airlines.
  • If you have to make a connection, try to give yourself at least one hour between flights. This is usually enough time for you (and your checked luggage) to make it from one airplane to the next. 
  • Southwest Airlines is SCA's official travel partner and a great choice because they don't charge change fees and you can check up to 2 bags for free.

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