Wrapping Up Your Service

As you're getting ready to end your service, here are some tips for a successful wrap-up.

  • Service Logs
    • Complete and submit all activity and output logs for your supervisor's approval within 1 week of your end date.
    • After your position end, use the "View My History" tab to see your logs.
  • Post-Program Survey
    • Complete the survey which will be emailed to you about 1 week before your end date.
  • Travel
    • Make travel plans or review arrangements already made.
  • US Bank Card
    • You can still use your card after your internship ends, so hold on to it.
  • Housing
    • Leave your housing better than you found it.
  • SCA AmeriCorps Members Only
    • Sign the AmeriCorps Exit Form in your MyAmeriCorps portal.
    • After you are exited from the program you will be able to access your award through your MyAmeriCorps portal as well.

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