Hey All,

I just received my assignment of where I will be heading this summer! I am beyond excited that I will be spending July 27th - August 23rd in Blue Ridge Parkway with the BLRI Plateau Crew!!!

Where is everyone else headed this summer? Also does anyone have any tips on gear/preparing ect...?

I am beyond excited and hope everyone is as well!



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That's super exciting!  I am currently awaiting the response (accepted/declined) and I think many others are as well!  I have applied from Toronto, Canada. Seems like a really cool place you are going! Congratulations :)

I got accepted back in February, but I'm still waiting to hear back about my crew assignment. Really excited for this summer though!

Awesome!! When you find out where you are going you'll have to share!

Hey Trevor,

Thats's awesome. Congrats!  

I've never been to Blue Ridge Parkway but I was part of the Rocky Mountain Crew last summer and will be in Glacier National Park as a member of the GLAC crew this summer so I understand the anticipation/excitement.

In terms of gear and preparation the "Crew Experience" page on the SCA website is helpful and it has  a link to a  general gear list. Sometime between now and your crew your crew leaders will send out an email with more information about your specific location including a more detailed/specific gear list (I think I they sent it out the beginning of May last year). 

Until then you kind of just have to wait, which of course is the hardest part. My way of dealing with it is obsessively looking at pictures and flying around my location on google earth. 

Best of luck and have an awesome time!

       - Annie

Hey Annie,

Thanks for the advice! I've been looking at tons of pictures of blue Ridge Parkway already!!! I haven't been to Glacier National Park (Yet) but I have heard only incredible things about it! You will have a blast!

I learned this from serving on 3 SCA crews, do not buy everything on the packing list! I ended up borrowing most of my gear from friends, family members.  Also, do not and I will repeat the words do not, bring food or toiletries into your tent. Bears love "smellies", they can get into your tent. I am not sure where your assignment is, but SCA likes to use tents again, so be aware of this. Bring a journal and write everything down. This summer will hopefully create memories that will last a life time. I talk to friends from my second crew daily and we are often astonished at how much we remember. I blame it on journals, but that we also bonded instantly. Set goals for yourself on the crew, I promised to comeback feeling more confident about how I feel about the environment. I feel more educated about the issues facing the National Parks now, and want to protect them. Also, to prepare yourself, walk around in your boots. Your boots are like a person, they can either hurt or love you. Make sure the relationship is mutual, be fitted for your boots by an expert as well as your pack. REI is an amazing resource, use it. 

Hey Julia,

I will start asking my friends now on what I can borrow (Great advice)!!! Sounds like you may have had an experience with bears in your tent lol. Journaling is something I will definitely be doing, I am sure I will forget some much just because I will already have so many stories to tell. Journaling sounds like a great solution to remember some of the little things. Also some of my friends have warned me about breaking boots in so I will definitely be doing that.

Hi Trevor!

I am so happy to hear that you are taking my advice. 

Sometimes a crew creates a journal, (I SCA requires one to be submitted from each crew) to capture the memories of your time together. On the chore wheel there is a journaling assignment, and whoever gets that chore is responsible for journaling that day. That said, I would definitely keep your own personal journal. My parents found mine on my desk while I was away at school and texted me asking, "what in heavens name is Gato Gato?" It was one of those times when I wrote back "LOL. You just had to be there." If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to hear them and answer them. 

Hey Trevor! I was on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Highlands District) last year for my SCA crew, and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Your crew leaders will reach out to you about what to get before the crew, but my words of advice are that the weather can get surprisingly cold! I guess you wouldn't expect it, but the elevation really makes a difference. Just be prepared for any kind of weather (including hurricanes…)

I'd say that the best part of working at a place like the parkway is that it is SO diverse. I expected it to be a road, with not much else, but I could not have been more wrong. (I guess we use the term parkway a little differently in the northeast.) There were forests, pastures, and mountains, (all with a unique history/backstory) but we were still close enough to the real world to go into town for the fourth of July fireworks, a civil war reenactment, etc. And the people (!), both from the parks service and the SCA. I am still in touch with my crew members, and often write letters to our agency partners at the Highlands district office.

That being said, is anyone on the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Crew (Track II) for this coming year?

Hey Katherine,

I'm so glad to hear you had a great time. I've never been to that part of the country so I was a little nervous. (I always traveled west) Also I will be definitely packing warmer clothes then! Thanks for sharing with me! It made me feel a lot better. Also Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield sounds like a great crew!

Just got my crew assignment! Anyone going to be a part of the HOFU Crew in Elverson, Pennsylvania from June 15 - July 19?

Hi all! I just got accepted to the Russell Cave National Monument crew in Alabama. However, I'm a bit hesitant in whether I should go or not. Can anyone describe the experience on a leadership crew? 


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