Hey All,

I just received my assignment of where I will be heading this summer! I am beyond excited that I will be spending July 27th - August 23rd in Blue Ridge Parkway with the BLRI Plateau Crew!!!

Where is everyone else headed this summer? Also does anyone have any tips on gear/preparing ect...?

I am beyond excited and hope everyone is as well!



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Thats awsome, congrats!!! I'm counting downs til I leave! (67 days incase you were wondering!)

Hi Sarah!! I just got accepted to NJ Parks South as well :) So exciting!

Congratulations Trevor! I backpacked near the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah over spring break with my youth group. You will love it! It's beautiful! I recently accepted to be in NJ Parks North 7/27-8/23. I'm really excited too!

Hey Olivia,

Congratulations! I live in Bergen County so if you have any questions regarding North Jersey feel free to ask. I don't know if I will be able to answer all of them but I can try;)

Super excited! Just got accepted from the waitlist onto the Olympic National Park Crew from July13 -August 9! Anyone else?

Going to San Juan Islands in WA on July 13, anyone else?


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