Hi all,

I just got placed on the Rocky Mountain National Leadership Crew. I am trying to find others who also got placed their so we can chat about the awesome time we are going to have this summer. I am so excited!

Sean Wilkinson

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Hey Sean, 

I'm not on the Rocky Mountain leadership crew this summer (I've never actually been part of a leadership crew), but  I was part of the Rocky Mountain National Crew last year and I can tell you, you are going to have a fantastic time! A few things that I learned about the rockies though:

First GET GOOD RAIN GEAR!!! This is especially important if you are going to be serving on the west side of the park (known as the wetter better side because though it's much less crowded they get a lot of rain). My crew served from july 14ish to August 3rd and it was a rare day that we didn't get hit by a massive thunderstorm around 2 pm. I suggest rain pants with zippers down the sides so you can easily pull them on in a hurry and open them up as vents when it's not actually raining but the weather still looks threatening. Also a pack cover is vital. The bigger the better. 

We didn't have much of a problem with bugs. I think the sca gear list has a bug net on it, I brought one but never used it. Depending on where you are though and what month they could be a problem. 

In general it's an incredible park. We saw moose on a number of occasions, at one point a mother and calf walked right through our campsite. I don't think we ever saw any bears but we did see evidence of one so they are definitely around. The first night at timber creek campground where we stayed before we hiked in to our base camp, a herd of elk almost walked right into our tent. All the park staff we met were absolutely awesome. We actually got visited by a huge group of park and SCA high ups including the superintendent of the park and the head of volunteers, they were all really nice and the head of volunteers brought us chocolate chip cookies!

Lastly I would say make sure you get up above tree line. We spent most of our crew between 9,000 and 10,000 feet but on one of the last mornings we got up at 2 am and hiked to the top of Comanche peak for sunrise. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. When we broke above tree line, we had an almost 360 degree view of the craggy mountains, the twinkling light of the stars made the snow that still hid, in the shadow of the peeks, glow eerily. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

- Annie

Hey Sean,

I also got placed on the Rocky Mountain Leadership Crew!

Ada Bowles


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