Hello everyone!! I just got placed for the AT-ME crew. Anyone else get assignments yet? Anyone know if they are in my crew?


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Hello Shanshan, while I'm not on your crew (sorry!) I want to say congrats! I had the privilege to serve in Gorgia on a crew last summer, and it was awesome! Go in with open eyes and a heart to serve; I know your gonna enjoy (and be challenged) thru this experience! If you have any questions or thoughts...I would be happy to help :)


I think we are on the same crew! Does yours run from July 11 - August 7? 


I got assigned to that crew too! 

Hey guys! I just want to let you know that I had to turn down the assignment to the ME-AT crew due to a change in my family's schedule :( I wish I could go, as I was really looking forward to meeting you two. I hope you have fun!

Hey! I got my assignment a few weeks ago and I'm assigned to NJSP- South 2016 from july 11 to july 31. Anyone else in this crew? 

Hi Shanshan - Claire said we might be on the same flight. Are you flying Delta out of Laguardia?


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