Hey everyone! The word of the day is carpools, and I think it would make some people's lives way easier for those that aren't bringing their own car up to Morrisville. I'll be heading out from the northern Westchester area, so let me know if you want a lift up there! I like driving so I don't mind going out of the way, and for those that live in the city or Long Island area, if you want to take a train up I can give you the details to get really close to my house and we can head up from there.

Also! If you're also planning on driving up,and wouldn't mind a travel buddy, feel free to post your situation here as well. Let's try to make this as easy on everyone as possible!

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That's a good idea! I'm not sure how many people will be leaving from the Capital District, but I'm willing to cram more people and their stuff in my car!

For those planing on bringing their own car does anyone know how much it costs to keep a vehicle at the school?

Yeah does anyone have an idea??

We have to ask University Police about this, so I will be in touch about the exact cost. My guess is that it will be around $100 for the entire 10-months. 

great, thanks Leah!

$97.20 for the entire program, y'all.

Details of how to purchase it to come in an e-mail this week.... 

I'm coming from Binghamton with an Element so I'll have room for at least 1 more.


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