Just in case you were thinking that conservation work won't be enough of a physical workout on your body... There is a rock climbing gym about 45 minutes Northwest of Morrisville in Syracuse that has some good deals. The flier is posted up in the dormitory for you all to look at. 

Not a climber? (I will teach you...) Well, there is also a gym on campus and below are details from one of our SCA Project Leaders- Andy about that as well....

Here is the website with the times and membership rates. http://morrisvillestateathletics.com/information/fitness_center/index


I was able to sign up, and so should the members. The difference will be if they are considered students, faculty/staff, or community members in their rates. I am hoping/assuming they are considered students to get the cheaper rate. For students it is $65 total for 6 months (about $10 a month). My card says faculty/staff, but I paid $15 a month, which is still cheap, but that's the rate of a community member, so that is the most they would pay.


They will be able to get a membership once their I.D. cards are activated, and they do it the same place they get their photo I.D.'s (which they will go to on one of their first days as a group I believe?). Once their memberships are activated for the first time (which takes all of 2 minutes), they can renew their memberships at the school book store. The fitness center hours are on the website link above, and the Facebook page has their hours during breaks and holidays on campus. 


I have gone to the gym a good amount of times already and it is really nice, and totally worth the $15 a month. They have an upstairs with cardio equipment and a small workout area, the downstairs has all sorts of equipment and free weights. There is also another side room that probably is used for classes, maybe yoga, cycling, etc. The times I have been to the gym, there aren't many people (because students are still on break), but people have used that side room for stretching and whatnot. There is also another room that has lots of equipment, but my guess is that it's for athletics at the school. I was there last week. and one of the days they were also talking about bringing in new equipment and changing things around a little, but it's definitely a nice gym and it looks like they recently built it, so most of the equipment is in really nice condition. Also, I think we can go to any sporting events the school has (i.e. hockey, football, basketball, etc), but I may ask around and see if we're able to join intramural teams. We should be able to join any fitness classes with the gym memberships as well, but I can also look into that. 

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I'm not built for climbing, and I've got a thing with heights. So if anyone else is in my boat I'll probably just be using the gym on campus instead. Let me know and we'll get a schedule together in the first week or so while we are there.

I am definitely interested!


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