Hey there. I'm just sitting here in Homer, AK at the Alaska Maritime NWR and it occurred to me that there might actually be other interns out there in fog. Let's start a thread of current interns so we can see who and where we are. 

I'll start!

I'm Georgia, a native Minneapolitan serving as the Visitor Services Intern for the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, which is the main headquarters for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge's lands extend all along the Aleutians and the Alaskan coastline but we are based in the Kenai Peninsula in Homer. I'm one month into a year-long internship. I like movies, podcasts,and cross-country skiing.

Your turn

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Hey Georgia!

I'm Paul, a Abandoned Mines Inventory and GIS Assistant with the Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage. I spent most of the summer doing site inspections, but am now a desk jockey. I'll be around until the end of the year. 

There are are least three other SCA's in Anchorage (one at the BLM, and two at the NPS), but I don't think that they are members of this group. 


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