This is a way for you to connect with the people, groups and staff relevant to your SCA experience. Find your connection to SCA and to others within the SCA community. 


And don't be shy about creating your own groups, forums, blogs, and photo albums! It's not hard to do, and it's a great way to plug yourself into SCA's nationwide network of lifelong conservationists.

Just one thing: Please tag your groups, blogs, forums and photos as follows, to make sure that they end up where they're supposed to be:

  • Tag Intern content as "Intern"
  • Corps Teams content as "Corps"
  • Community Crew content as "CC"
  • High School Crew content as "HSC"
  • AmeriCorps content as "AmeriCorps"
  • NPS Academy content as "Academy"
  • Leaders content as "Leaders"
  • Alumni content as "Alumni"
  • Northeast Region content as "Northeast"
  • Southeast Region content as "Southeast"
  • Great Lakes Region content as "GreatLakes"
  • Northwest Region content as "Northwest"
  • Southwest Region content as "Southwest"

Leave out the quotation marks, and be sure and capitalize the first letter of each tag. When creating groups, type your tag into the "Location" box. For everything else, enter your tag into the "tag" box. Please use only one tag for each item, except for photos and blog posts, which can have up to four tags.


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