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As part of an SCA Corps Program, you’ll have the chance to work together with a team of other young people to accomplish targeted conservation goals. 

Many Corps Programs take place in the backcountry, where members build trails, prevent forest fires, or restore critical habitat. Teams typically live together in a cabin or other central location and work on “hitches” — short-term, focused work trips guided by SCA field leaders.

Other Corps Programs work in urban or rural communities, where members team up to conduct environmental education or public outreach. Members may live together at one site, or work at individual sites within the same region.

Whether you are working in the backcountry or in the local community, SCA Corps Programs give you the opportunity to join up with other young people who share your passion for the outdoors, and gain connections with agency partners in the field. Corps positions range from 3 to 12 months, and are open to high school graduates ages 18 and up.

Please see below for Current Corps Program Opportunities:




  • Env. Education and Conservation Stewards: October 2017 – August 2018
  • Conservation Stewards: March 2018 – August 2018

Members of the SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps program serve Massachusetts’s public lands from Martha’s Vineyard to the Berkshires each summer, and spend the winter providing environmental education to children at local schools in the western part of the state. The residential program, headquartered at Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest in Hawley, MA, began its 20th year of service in October 2016.

Eighteen SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members begin their 10-month term serving at partner schools and education-related internships in Western Massachusetts during the fall and winter months (October – March). They engage students in science-based environmental curricula that create a broad learning context for students, improve their learning skills, and help foster an ethic of service and civic responsibility.

Eight more members are brought on in early March, for a 5-month term, bringing the total corps to 26 members. After trail training season in March, SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members provide much-needed assistance in improving the public access to and protection of the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of Massachusetts from April - August. SCA members travel across the commonwealth serving in small teams to complete more than 40 conservation projects per year, implemented in dozens of communities.

Members of the Massachusetts Corps receive or have the option to receive the following trainings or certifications:

  • Wilderness First Responder Training
  • CPR Certification
  • Conservation Work Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Education Skills
  • Leave No Trace Skills

Each year SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members spend five months teaching approximately 800 environmental education lessons to over 1,000 students. Our members also complete approximately 60 Conservation Service projects each year. Projects include new trail construction, invasive plant management, Universal Access Trail construction, school nature trails, historic site reclamation, and more.


  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Applicants must be US citizens, as we are an AmeriCorps program.
  • Applicants should be in good physical condition and should enjoy hard work outdoors.
  • Applicants should possess the ability to live and work in small, close-knit group.
  • Applicants must have good interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Outdoors or trail experience preferred but not necessary.

Members receive full room and board, health insurance, a weekly living stipend, and an AmeriCorps education award.


Applications must be received by March 1. Once you have started your application contact to have your application fee waived.

Interested in learning more about SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps?

Contact: Nancy Perales Phone: 413-339-6631




  • January  2018-November 2018 (10-month)
  • June 2018-October 2018 (5-month)

Created in 1999, the Hudson Valley AmeriCorps Program is dedicated to recognizing, preserving, and interpreting the nationally significant historical, cultural, and natural resources of New York’s Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley region is home to more than 2.5 million residents, in addition to the 8 million residents of New York City.

The SCA Hudson Valley AmeriCorps program provides ten-month as well as five-month internships across the Hudson Valley region, spanning multiple conservation disciplines. Members serve at sites from Saratoga Springs to New York City, working one-on-one alongside conservation professionals at state agencies and nonprofit organizations. Position areas include:

  • Environmental Education
  • Interpretation
  • Trail Stewardship
  • Watershed Management
  • Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Public Outreach

Ten-month positions begin in mid-January and end mid-November. Five-month positions begin in early June and go through October.

All members of the Hudson Valley Corps receive or have the option to receive the following trainings or certifications during their terms of service:

  • CPR Certification
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Leave No Trace (LNT) Outdoor Ethics
  • Project WET, Project WILD, and Project Learning Tree curricula
  • Hudson River Citizen Science Training
  • Trail Skills

Members of the Hudson Valley Corps engage citizens from more than 40 communities around the Hudson Valley region each year through trainings, presentations, service projects, and environmental education programming. Members also gain valuable professional connections with a network of government agencies and nonprofit organizations throughout the region.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must pass a background check. Other requirements vary by position.

Members receive biweekly living stipends.  In addition, members are eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award after successful completion of service.  Housing varies by position, members will be provided housing or receive a monthly housing stipend to find housing near their individual work sites. Members come together for group trainings and corps-wide service projects on a monthly basis.

Interested in SCA Hudson Valley Corps? Contact for more information.

You can follow the Hudson Valley Corps on Facebook and Twitter:



Dates: MARCH 5, 2018-DECEMBER 2018

Under the vision of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the Excelsior Conservation Corps (ECC) is a 10-month residential AmeriCorps program, run by the Student Conservation Association, designed to address the environmental and conservation needs of this state while providing leadership opportunities, employment training and college scholarships. There are 50 full-time service positions available with the program starting March 5th 2018—so apply today.

  • WHO: Young adults, ages 18-25 who live or attended school in New York Veterans, ages 18-28 (no NY affiliation needed)
  • WHAT: Make an immediate difference for the environment and explore careers in conservation! Work on important conservation projects in the field, lead large-scale volunteer initiatives, and educate the public on environmental issues. Receive an array of training to develop your leadership and job skills for a future career in conservation.
  • WHERE: ECC will be based on a SUNY campus for the 10-month program, and from there will travel to some of the most beautiful and treasured sites across the state.

Check out THIS FLYER for more information!



Dates: JANUARY 2018-NOVEMBER 2018

The New York State Parks Corps program is a ten-month residential program focusing on environmental education, trail maintenance and construction, and wildlife management. Members serve in teams of three to five, supervised day-to-day by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation staff in each region.

Projects include new trail construction, environmental education and interpretation, volunteer coordinator, nuisance wildlife control, and much more. Parks Corps members share a residential community where they live and work alongside one another for the duration of the season. They gather together for trainings and events in a central location regularly, and develop a sense of comradery and shared experience.

Members who successfully complete the program will receive high quality trainings and professional development support from SCA staff.   Additionally, members receive or have the option to receive the following trainings or certifications:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR Certification
  • Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG)
  • Project Learning Tree, Project Wet/Wild curriculum
  • Game of Logging Chainsaw Certification
  • Extensive Trail Construction and Maintenance Skills
  • ACA Level 1 Canoe Training
  • Leave No Trace Training
  • Leadership and Communication Training

Members of the SCA Parks Corps program use trail skills, restoration techniques, carpentry skills, and hard labor to complete an array of projects aimed at protecting and enhancing the lands and cultural resources of New York State Parks. Members also gain valuable professional connections with NYS OPRHP, extensive experience delivering environmental education and interpretation, and leadership experience.

Members are placed in one of the following parks regions and perform the following tasks:

Thousand Islands Region

The Thousand Islands Environmental Education team consists of five-member teams living and working together engaging in conservation service consistent with the mission and guiding principles of Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation. One team will be based at Westcott Beach State Park, and the other at Wellesley Island State Park.

All teams will travel throughout the entire Thousand Island region conducting environmental education programs for the nearly 1.7 million park visitors and school groups that visit these parks annually. Members will learn and apply the principles of sustainable trail design, skills to construct and maintain trails to enhance visitors outdoor experience and access to the parks of this amazing region.

Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes Environmental Education Team is a four-member member team living and working together to create/deliver programs that will enhance the visitor experience at Watkins Glen, Taughannock Falls, Robert H. Treman and Buttermilk Falls State Park.

Members will also act as spotters and trail clean-up crew for the Finger Lakes Region Scalers, a team that helps ensure the safe and timely opening of the gorge trail in our seven gorge parks by clearing off potential hazards from cliff walls. All four members will share housing at Mark Twain State Park and will travel throughout the region to provide education and interpretation to park visitors.

Allegany Region

Three members will live together at Allegany State Park and will engage in individualized internship opportunites, each with a specific focus.

  • The Environmental Educator position will develop interpretive programs at Lake Erie State Park and Long Point on Chautauqua State Park. The SCA Environmental Educator will design, promote and present weekly programs between Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day at both parks.
  • The Nuisance Wildlife Control Steward will assist departmental staff with a variety of assignments that include, but are not limited to: public education, monitoring, wildlife hazing, wildlife trapping, construction and installation of animal control devices, etc.
  • The Volunteer Trails Program Steward will contribute to achieving the agency’s mission of providing safe and enjoyable recreational opportunities by developing a recreational trail volunteer program for Allegany State Park. The members will solicit volunteer assistance in performing manual work on recreational trails, organize and conduct trail maintenance techniques training to volunteers and organize and perform their own trail work.


Contact: Marlena Vera-Schockner

Phone:845-255-4758 (

Applicants must be age 21 or older, and must have a valid driver’s license and pass a background check.

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