SCA Programs Overview

Are you interested in serving with SCA? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on conservation and leadership experience? Check out the various opportunities we offer to find the right program for you.

High school students:

National Crews:
In these summer projects, up to eight high school students, ages 15-19, from around the country are paired with experienced SCA crew leaders to build trails and restore habitat in national parks and on other public lands.
Learn more about National Crews.

Community Crews:
Offering year-round opportunities, SCA’s Community Programs engage diverse high school students in major U.S. cities who may lack access to the natural environment and green job opportunities.
Learn more about Community Programs.

18 and older:

SCA internships provide opportunities 
for those 18 & older to learn from resource management professionals, gain tangible skills and experience, and make a contribution to our natural and cultural treasures.
Learn more about Internship Benefits

Corps Programs:
Corps members address specific conservation challenges, such mitigating wildland fire risks, eradicating invasive plants, restoring desert lands, or providing environmental education in community classrooms.
 For those 18 and older. 
Learn more about Corps Programs                                                                                    

21 and older:

Field Leaders:
Field Leader positions are open to those 21 and older who have strong field experience and a desire to lead, motivate, inspire and guide. Field Leader positions include positions for summer National Crews and for summer and year-round Community Crews.
Learn more about SCA Field Leaders

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