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Stay engaged. Stay involved. Get connected. The SCA has been engaging youth in service to the land now for 55 years. In that time, we've helped guide over 50,000 young people onto a path of lifelong civic service and environmental stewardship. We like to keep in touch with our alumni, and encourage them to continue serving with SCA through high school, college, grad school, and beyond. After they've moved on in their careers, often to jobs with an emphasis on preserving our precious natural resources, we provide them with opportunities to stay connected with fellow alumni, and with current members, thereby creating a cross-generational, nationwide network of active conservationists. We encourage current members and alumni to use the resources below to strengthen and expand that network.


Keep track of what's going on in the world of SCA alumni with the Alumni Groups. Learn more.

When creating an Alumni group of your own, be sure to enter "Alumni" with a capital "A" into the "location" box.


Let the world know how what you learn with SCA sticks with you, even after the conclusion of your service. Start your very own Alumni Blog! Learn more.

Be sure and tag all Alumni Blog posts with the word, "Alumni", with a capital "A."


The Alumni Forums are a place for current members and alumni to connect by asking questions, posting opportunities, and brainstorming ideas. Ask. Share. Discuss. Connect Learn more.

When posting to the Alumni forum, be sure and enter "Alumni" with a capital "A" into the "tag" box.


The Alumni Photo Album is a great place to show current members and alumni how you're staying involved with conservation and engaged with the great outdoors. View album.

Be sure and tag all of your Alumni photos with the word "Alumni". Capital "A," please.

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