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Your world. Your chance to make it better. SCA AmeriCorps members are part of a nationwide network of tens of thousands of Americans who dedicate themselves to making our country a better place by serving with nonprofit organizations. Across the United States, AmeriCorps members do everything from working with veterans’ families to teaching computer literacy to mentoring at risk students. SCA AmeriCorps members focus their efforts on protecting imperiled ecosystems by completing critical conservation work on America's public lands. When you join SCA and AmeriCorps, you show the world that with a commitment to volunteering and service anyone can make a difference.

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Are you a current or former SCA AmeriCorps member? The AmeriCorps groups are a place for AmeriCorps members and alumni to come together around national service, conservationism, and getting things done to make our planet a better place.

AmeriCorps group -- Look here to connect with members enrolled in AmeriCorps from all of SCA programs.

When creating an AmeriCorps group of your own, be sure to enter "AmeriCorps" with a capital "A" and a capital "C" into the "location" box.


Ready for a first-hand account of what it's like to serve with SCA and AmeriCorps? Head for the blogs for amazing, true-life tales of SCA service. Learn more.

Be sure and tag all AmeriCorps Blog posts with the word, "AmeriCorps", with a capital "A" and a capital "C."


Are you an applicant who’s interested in learning more about AmeriCorps service with SCA? Are you an SCA AmeriCorps member looking to brainstorm with your peers around the country? Or are you an alumni with an opportunity you’d like to share? The AmeriCorps forums are the place for all of this and more! Ask. Share. Discuss. Connect. Learn more.

When posting to the AmeriCorps forum, be sure and enter "AmeriCorps" with a capital "A" and a capital "C" into the "tag" box.


Have to see it to believe it? Here's the place to see and share SCA AmeriCorps photos. View album.

Be sure and tag all of your AmeriCorps photos with the word "AmeriCorps". Capital "A" and capital "C" please.

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