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Serious service. Serious adventure. Serious summer. Each summer, SCA places High School Crews in national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges all over the country to complete service projects crucial to keeping our public lands great. Whether it's building a hiking trail, preserving a vital habitat, or restoring a waterfront, SCA High School Crews do work that will protect our precious natural resources for years to come. Along the way, crew members learn wilderness survival skills and become stronger leaders, all while finding lifelong friends amongst their teammates, and a lifelong passion for conservation. Summer high school programs range in length from two weeks to just over a month, and all are tuition-free and expense-paid.


Are you a current or former SCA High School Crew participant? The High School Crew groups are a place to connect with peers and alumni. Ask questions, share ideas, make plans, and relate experiences. Learn more.

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Are you an applicant who’s interested in learning more about SCA High School Crews? Are you a current crewmember looking to brainstorm with your peers around the country? Or are you an alumnus with an opportunity you’d like to share? The High School Crew forums are the place for all of this and more! Ask. Share. Discuss. Connect. Learn more.

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