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The mission: Enliven and diversify all levels of National Park Service staff by connecting talented young people with NPS careers. The means: National Park Service Academy. NPS Academy gathers young people from diverse communities across the country and brings them to either Grand Teton or Great Smoky Mountain National Park for a weeklong inside view of how US public lands are managed and maintained. After this initial week of networking and learning, participants are placed in 12-week paid summer internships with NPS and SCA. The following fall, participants serve as Academy Ambassadors, reaching out to their campus cohorts to generate interest in the next year's National Park Academy programs.


Are you a current or former NPS Academy participant? The NPS Academy groups are a place to connect with peers and alumni. Ask questions, share ideas, make plans, and relate experiences. Learn more.

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Are you an applicant who’s interested in learning more about NPS Academy? Are you a current Academy participant looking to brainstorm with your peers? Or are you an alumnus with an opportunity you’d like to share? The NPS Academy forums are the place for all of this and more! Ask. Share. Discuss. Connect. Learn more.

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