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I found my Park!

                For my second round of service,I worked with the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the  National Parks Service.

I never thought I’d have an opportunity to work with the National Parks Service. Even less so, working with the NPS and being stationed…


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Coronado Cave

Today, Ranger Kim Wentland brought a group of high school students on a tour of Coronado Cave and she allowed myself and my co-intern Darren to tag along with the group. The hike up to the cave was pretty steep, although only half a mile, it felt much longer.

Getting down into the cave was pretty tricky because the entrance was very slippery. We had to hold on as we climbed our way down into the cave floor. The cave goes back about 600 feet and has a few truly massive…


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Fort Bowie

photo of the ruins of the cavalry barracks.

Last Wednesday, we were sent to Fort Bowie to collect as much information as possible and learn about another park in the Southeast…


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A summer as a Natural Resource Instructor

I spent my summer in the 802 (Vermont), near the Southern shores of Lake…


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Rain, Sweat, and Caves, OH MY!

I'm going to begin this post apologizing for how long it's been since I posted! I kept sitting down to do it and felt overwhelmed at what all I could talk about.  

Since the last post, things haven't been too overly exciting just wet. Either from rain or sweat. In a single week, our Air Quality site measured right at seven inches of rain! So that combined with a common heat index nearly 100 degrees, there hasn't been an overly pleasant week for the outdoor worker in a while.



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Conserve water with low-flow shower heads, toilets and more.


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Denali and Chugach Hitches

 We just completed our first two hitches: the first in Denali National Park and the second in Chugach State Park. We were excited to get to work after our two weeks of training, and even more excited to get to see Denali and do some exotic species management in the park. When we arrived in the park, the clouds were so low that we couldn't see  much of the mountain range. We still got to see plenty of wildlife and beautiful sights, though. We spent our first week in Denali working near the…


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A "Shocking" Week!

This past week has been something. I was out for a week in June to help with a summer camp. While I was at this camp, our Air Quality station was struck by lightning. We lost all of our air analyzers, one of our meteorology towers, and parts of our water collection system. Fortunately, no one was hurt and repairs started immediately. Now, two and a half weeks later, we are still repairing and discovering issues.…


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My Late, First Check-In

First off, I want to apologize for not writing up until now. I always sit down, open this page, and do absolutely nothing. I decide I'll write it later and move on to the next thing. Well, today I will do differently. 

My first two months here at Mammoth Cave National Park were nothing extraordinary. I went to school (I'm a Meteorology major, Floodplain Management minor, and American Sign Language minor at Western Kentucky University), trained for my job, went to school. I only worked…


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Time Flies

I saw my first pod of dolphins this weekend. We were skimming the water on a little boat through a maze of canals in the web of marshland surrounding the Golden…


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Pest Control And Nutrition: Do Pests Make Food Healthier?

It's easy to understand the history of pest control and its role in agriculture, and even gardening and everyday housekeeping. Our species has always prioritized food security and the discovery of pesticides and conventional (modern) farming have been key to achieving it.

We've gone far but also sacrificed much on the way. Large-scale chemical pest control has left a footprint of…


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Arriving in Georgia

Well, I had finally made it to Georgia. Before me, like a white beacon in a sea of grass off the highway stood the Butler House, an impressive three story plantation house and soon to be home. It was with trepidation that I walked into my new dwelling, a box of books in one arm and a bag of clothes in the other.

I had researched this place already and learned quite a bit about its impressive history. The house itself was rebuilt in 1925, but the plantation had once been one…


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Time to get your Core Muscles ready

       Time to get your Core Muscles ready  

says  Margaret Belton  Certified Personal Trainer since 1982 

         If you want to avoid major back problems, pulled hamstrings and sore neck/shoulders you might want to start paying attention to your…


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My Conservation Journey Begins

Ever since I received my offer for my position in Georgia about a month ago, my life has been a whirlwind. If you don't believe me, let me just give you a run down on the events leading up to my arrival in the Georgian Golden Isles.

I receive the offer a week before April. I lived the last six year of my life in Northern California where I went to college. It is a beautiful and secluded place about three hours from any form of civilization and eight hours from where my family lives…


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Wild SCA's!

I have many jobs here as the Olympic National Park Outreach and Education intern. Today I've been asked to go through all of our Fisher Reintroduction wildlife camera photos to find photos of fishers and of other local wildlife for the website featuring the Fisher Reintroduction Project. While sorting through…


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Microbeads - World’s Next Most Vicious Enemy

Defining the Microbeads

These are the extremely tiny plastic particles in cosmetic products such as toothpastes, exfoliants, abrasive cleaners and more. Usually, they are made of substances such as: polypropylene, polyethylene and others. Their size is so small that the only option you have to remove them after the usage of the cosmetics is to wash them away with water which drives them directly into the plughole. Their journey, however, is much more longer - they end up…


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This month I have mostly been in the office. I get to answer the phone and help people with their questions. A few of my outing were really fun though. I was able to go to one of our campgournds and blow the leaves into the road/parking lots so they could be lit on fire. It was really fun watching the flames. I also finished up cutting the boards for the bird houses. The bird houses then got built with the help of a local cub scout pack. I've done some little things here and there as well. I…


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the Desert Fairytale

I arrived in Death Valley national park on Aug. 28th, it was very hot and windy, my dad said it was like opening an oven and having the blast come out, I guess that's why it’s called Furnace Creek. I left my stuff in the upper dorms, and my parents, little sister and I went to Scotty’s castle for a tour. I had never been to Scotty’s castle before and I must say that I was amazed at what I saw. This Spanish style castle that looked like it belonged in a fairytale.

We walked to the…


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On my way to Georgia!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Liz and I will be starting my internship with the Prescribed Burn Crew in Brunswick, GA this week. I am traveling from New Jersey and currently visiting family in western Virginia. Yesterday, we visited the Natural Bridge and the caverns nearby.  The Natural Bridge was gorgeous! (pictured here) Tomorrow, I will continue my drive down to my host site. I'm excited to meet everyone and start my internship on Tuesday! …


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The end is near!

Can you believe my internship ends in just a week? The past 9 months on the forest have been quite the experience! I've worked with so many different groups and had so many experiences. I was lucky enough to attend conferences and several training opportunities. The past month in particular was very difficult due to all of the flooding in South Carolina. The forest offices were closed for several days and I was forced to reschedule many programs. Thankfully, I was able to work out new dates…


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