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Flying on Cover Crops

When I first caught wind that there might be an opportunity for farmers in New Hampshire to fly on their cover crops this year, I got real excited. Here’s where my nerdy side comes out. As a Soil Conservationist intern, I’m a big fan of cover crops. And when you can get them growing even before the corn is…


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Turtles, etc.

Hey from Canaveral!

Things are pretty steady at the park right now. Jeff and I have a pretty solid list of projects to work on. A lot of them are yet to come, but the others in the meantime land us with a decent amount of office time. It pretty much ends with us sorting things in the…


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In the Eye of Nesting Season

Hello Fellow Conservationists!

Hope y'all have been working hard and collecting great stories along the way!

Here at Canaveral, we're in the "calm" of turtle nesting season. It is the time right between the boom of new nests and the boom of turtle hatches. Jeff and I are on our second list of triangulations to identify which screens need to be pulled to start collecting the hatching data.…


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Herpetology Internship: A week of excitement

Hey folks, Sorry to keep you waiting for an entire week for an update. Things are settling down over at Canaveral in terms of the work I'll be doing not the amount. Lots of turtles means a good amount of work, i just will be triangulating nests and excavating key nests three days a week and the other two days will be data entry and other projects, so i'll probably be moving to steady weekly updates instead of daily updates, unless something uber exciting…


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Week Thirteen

This is my last week at SEAC. I have continued working on the Cape Lookout site with Brian and sorting the 1/8" and 1/16" fraction. We have been finding the same remains: small mammal bones, fish bones, fish scales, bird bones, etc. We have also continued to find loads of shells which seem to be mainly oyster, clam, and some crab. I also helped Mercedes look over and edit her trip report from working on the Gulf Islands National Seashore shovel testing project. I can't believe this is my…


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Turtle Happenings

Hey y'all!

I would say a lot has happened in the past week, but really something different happens every day. No two service days are the same, and we are eating it up more than the mosquitoes are eating us up (which is a considerable amount; they don't call it Mosquito Lagoon for nothing).

Turtle run mornings begin at 4 a.m., making for a larger probability of seeing a mama turtle whilst laying. It was one of the things that seemed strange for us to not have seen while working…


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Week Twelve

This week I continued to do faunal analysis with Brian. I am still helping with the Cape Lookout project. So far we have found more of the same things, such as: bird bone, fish bone, fish scales, and other small mammal bones. We also found more frog bones and even some lizard bones. We are still continuing to find shell fragments, as I believe these items are coming from a historic midden. Along with these faunal remains we have found more brick fragments, charcoal, sand concretions, and…


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Herpetology Internship: Beach Cleanup

Canaveral has 24 miles of pristine, undeveloped beach. One third of the beach is practically untouched by people and is designated as a wilderness area. The refuse buildup on this section of beach, known as Klondike Beach, is terrible. This is probably because no one regularly enters this beach, except turtlers, and therefore no one regularly cleans it. We decided to spend today doing some beach cleanup. …


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Herpetology Internship: Where did all the turtles go?

Good evening folks,

Today was a rather slow day on the beaches of Canaveral National Seashore. We are in the time of the nesting season where you can have 40 nests one day and 15 the next. Sadly, today was a day of fifteen, which made for an easy run down the beach. We finished with the nests early enough that Caroline and I were able to finish up the nests that needed triangulation. 

We got off the beach early enough that we were able to see the archives at Canaveral. There…


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Catch Up with Canaveral

Hey, fellow conservation enthusiasts!

I know I haven't blogged as frequently as I would like to lately, so I'm going to catch y'all up on what Jeff and I have been getting into recently here at the Seashore.

With all of our beach training out of the way, most of our service time is…


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Herpetology Internship: Everything Revolves Around Turtle Time

Nesting sea turtles are, for lack of a better term, night owls. A majority of nesting happens under the safety of night, for the safety of the eggs not the turtles, as not many land predators are capable of taking down an adult sea turtle. As sea turtlers it is our responsibility to locate, mark, and reinforce the nests against predation. We have to balance four major factors when conducting this conservation work.…


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Herpetology Internship: The Big Meeting

My new boss, Kristen,  started today. She actually got her start in conservation work through the SCA working at Cape Lookout National Seashore for two summers as a Sea Turtle Intern. She then became a seasonal Biotech at Canaveral for sea turtles for a few summers, and her previous job was as a Refuge Manager of the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge (USFWS). She has returned to Canaveral National Seashore as the new Resource Manager, replacing long time, now retired, Resource Manager…


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Herpetology Internship: Triangulation

Sorry for the delay in updating you with what is going on. Yesterday was long and things just kept on happening. I started writing early yesterday afternoon, but realized that I didn't want to be writing while my day was not yet finished. Kennedy space center was supposed to have launched a Delta IV rocket at 6:59 pm, so I wanted to include that. Unfortunately at 6:50 the one thunderstorm of the day decided to roll in and by 6:55 visibility was reduced so that the space center was no longer…


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Herpetology Internship: Journey to Jacksonville

Today, when compared with the excitement of yesterday, was exceedingly uneventful. Caroline and I require government ID's to be able to use Canaveral's computers for the more glamorous side of our internship, data entry. Data entry is literally more glamorous than the field aspect of the turtle work, since we don't get filthy and disgusting after a day of sitting in our office, which is also the parks library. 

In order to gain access to the seashores computers we must have a…


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Week 3!

This is my first post on the site, but my third week here at NPS! So far, we have been preparing materials for teacher workshops that we offer in the summer, in order to spread the word about our field trip programs here on the C&O Canal. I have also been working in the field by exploring the parks that we run, and my area at Great Falls National Park. The scenery is amazing, and my job is so cool! I love all of the people that I work with! So far, the past three years have been a great…


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Beginning of Week Eleven

I am continuing to work with Brian on faunal analysis for the Cape Lookout site. We are finding much of the same thing as last week. So far there have been bits of charcoal, brick fragments, sand concretions, small metal fragments, along with shell and bone. The shell is mostly oyster and unidentified clam, however, we have also found some crab. We have found all sorts of bone. The majority is fish, which have included flounder, mullet, and sheepshead (teeth). I was also intrigued that…


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Turtling Day 1: Great Success!

Hey y'all!

I'm so excited and completely wiped out from today!

We were up and on the beach before the sun, taking bug repellent baths and loading up water to get ready for our first day of turtling. 

The thing about living in Florida is the thick, blanket-like coating of both sweltering UV as well…


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Herpetology Internship: Turtle Training

It's quite comedic that last week I was complaining about getting up at 7:00 in order to arrive at the office at 8:00. This morning I had to bump everything up two hours because turtle training started at 6:00 in the morning. Upon our arrival at Headquarters, Rob, our sea turtler extraordinaire and instructor for  the day, sat down with us to discuss safety protocol and things that we may encounter on the beach. As can be expected Rob stressed the importance of staying hydrated in the heat,…


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NH Parks and Recreation

Serving in NH, with NH State Parks and Recreation as Park Staff. I'm glad to have a seasoned crew to work with at Silver Lake State Park, in Hollis, NH. I'm grateful for the work and the crew that I spend time with. We have gotten so much done so far this season, since May, for the state park, and every morning when I go in to work and raise that American flag and that New Hampshire State flag high up on that flagpole, I am proud to be serving NH State Parks, and making Silver Lake a great,…


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Lil Turtle Action

Since it's the first week and we have yet to work on the beach directly with the nests, I thought y'all might like to see one of the sea turtles in the rehab center at Archie Carr!

Look at that beautiful guy! Carry on, lil champy. You're doin'…


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