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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day Six

Today was service day! We had a choice between working on trail maintenance or

working with a group of ESL (English second language) students from a local

elementary school. I chose to work with the students - we were going to have

them outside exploring nature so that sounded great to me!

We had a bit

of a delay when the students weren't able to come out to the park and we had to

quickly adjust our plans and go to their school. We were split into pairs and…


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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day Five

I cannot believe I have already been here for five days. This week has FLOWN by

- I feel like it's last Sunday and I just arrived. I miss my friends and family

(especially Ames!!!!) but at the same time I don't want this experience to ever


Earlier today on Facebook I posted the picture of myself in the arm

splint and stated that I did not injure myself so nobody would think I broke my

arm... While I definitely have not broken any bones, I have injured…


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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day Four

Before getting into our activities for today, I have to mention breakfast. We

were spoiled with fresh fruit, yogurt, pancakes (absolutely delicious), eggs,

and blueberry muffins. I eat better here than I do at home!


breakfast, we set out to hike the Alum Cave Trail! The weather was...

challenging. It was very, very cold. I had on a base layer, a special warmth

top, a fleece jacket, a rain jacket, and then another fleece jacket and I was…


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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day Three

This morning we were able to kind of shadow different park rangers and see what

it would be like to have their jobs. First, we got to work with an entomologist

- we collected aquatic invertebrates and looked at them under a microscope (in

case anyone was wondering about those interesting photos that I

posted). After that we met with a botanist and learned about how they manage

invasive species as well as raise native species to repopulate areas that have…


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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day Two

We started the morning with breakfast at 7:30am, then had a few brief

discussions with some of our leaders and a fisheries biologist from the


From there, we took an hour drive to Cades Cove. We were originally

going to the Cove in the afternoon, but since the weather predicted rain around

2:00pm we did a little rearranging. We got to see a few deer in the Cove, but no

black bears. First we all became blacksmiths and made dinner bells - we learned…


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NPS Academy Great Smoky Mountains: Day One

As expected, it was very hard to sleep last night - I've always been too excited

the night before a trip to get a good night's sleep. All in all, I probably got

about three hours of sleep. Got to the airport in plenty of time (no thanks to

the time change) and it's good I wasn't a minute later - the line tripled in

length within ten minutes after I arrived.

Overall my flights were great.

I flew from San Antonio to Dallas Fort Worth (why I am always stuck…


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Time Flys When You Are Having Fun

Time really does fly when you are enjoying what you are doing. I am so sorry it has been forever since my last post, but a lot has been happening.

From making reservations to selecting group leaders to making acceptance packets and selecting the 25 students that will attend the program this summer. Time has seem to flown by. It feels like two weeks ago, we were outlining everything that needs to be complete and here we are crossing them off.

It has been a roller coaster and I…


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After School Conservation Club Kicks Off a Semester of Green Learning in New York City

In New York City, SCA members are kicking off the spring semester of the After School Conservation Club, an environmental education program that will reach over 900 students around the city this spring.

The After School Conservation Club, or ASCC (pronounced “ask”), is a longstanding…


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Celebrating AmeriCorps Week and a Shared History

SCA and AmeriCorps share a common history: President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). During the Great Depression the CCC provided opportunities for unemployed young men to engage in meaningful work, mostly on conservation projects in the nation’s public lands.

In the 1950’s SCA’s founder, Elizabeth Cushman, modeled the original student conservation corps on the CCC, based on the idea that the hard work of young people could solve some of the most critical challenges…


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SCA New Hampshire Corps!

The 2013 SCA New Hampshire corps is in full swing!!

It is hard to believe, but we have now been here for nearly two months!

Our first few weeks were devoted to intentionally establishing our community, orienting, training and preparing for the busy ten months ahead. The staff members welcomed us with delicious meals, eccentric icebreakers, and tutorials on wood stove heating. Through team building, investigative natural history hikes, and leadership training we learned new…


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NPS Academy 2013 Has Begun!

NPS Academy 2013 kicks off this week with Session 1 in the Grand Tetons.

The mission: Enliven and diversify all levels of National Park Service staff by connecting talented young people with NPS careers. The means: National Park Service Academy. NPS Academy gathers young people from diverse communities across the country and brings them to either Grand Teton or Great Smoky Mountain National Park for a weeklong inside view of how US public lands are…


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