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Day 20

Today was a very fun day, although we were short not only Cody but also Priya and Annie. With our beloved crew leader gone, we worked with Adam, putting in steps and making burms. As the end of the session draws nearer and nearer we keep ourselves busy with the little odd jobs around the park. Tomorrow we're supposed to work at Greenbelt which I'm excited about.


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Youth Town Hall Forum

Yesterday I attended the Youth Town Hall Forum with the U.S. Department of Interior. I was amazed to see so many SCA alums and current crews there. Secretary Salazar picked on a lot of the SCA people and made them stand in the front of the group and speak about their experiences. The forum was a learning experience for many of us there. I know I had a blast and it kept me thinking about a possible career with a Conservation organization in my future!

Multiple people came and spoke…


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Day 19

For four crew members, we got a lot done. We finished weeding, adding fill, and grading the pretty section of trail leading up to the Dumbarton Oaks gate and steps. It looks so much better now. I tamped and moved debris from the trail. We finished so fast. Then we made a water bar to drain into a pipe we excavated from under 2 feet of dirt.


Post-script: In the afternoon the crew attended a Youth Town Hall meeting with Department of the Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar.…


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Cicada killers, red paint, and mulch

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside a couple of SCA’s Chicago Community Crews in the Little Village Pocket Park on 25th and Keeler (southwest side of Chicago). SCA works with Enlace Chicago to maintain this small but vibrant pocket park. We were joined by a few community members, as well as high school students participating in an internship program with…


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Beginning of week 11

Hey all!  I can't believe this is the begining of the 11th week. 

This week is going to be crazy busy.  Asilomar will be going through the baseline QA for Food Management Fundamentals.  The whole team here has worked so hard, and I have had a great experience driving this program forward.  The team feels that we will do well "score wise", but ultimately achieving a passing score of 88 by the third QA is the required goal. 
I will keep you all posted. 

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My experience

This is officially my last week interning in the Washington DC office under Alvi Seda. I have had a blast so far; this summer has exceeded my expectations and has helped me remember why I love conservation work.  I have only three days left here in the office and I expect to stay busy and help anyone I can. 

Thank you to all those that I met this summer and to those who helped make this a truly unique internship that…


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Camping with the Stars!

This week I have had the unique opportunity to work on the set of a TV show called "Aqua Kids"!

Aqua Kids is an educational show for kids and teens which focuses on natural resources and conservation. Their mission is to bring nature and wildlife into our homes--inspiring us to get involved and advocate for…


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Day 18

Today went to the National Museum of Natural History. Jeremy was 3 hours late so he missed our first stop at the Lincoln Waffle House for breakfast. Once we finished we headed to the museum. We went in and took a look at 2 exhibits: Titanoboa and some photography awards. Once we had finished we went to the Coral Reef Adventure IMAX film. Jeremy arrived in the middle of the movie. We had lunch in the cafeteria, then saw the Fish Inside Out exhibit that displayed X-ray images of fish. Then…


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My Sustainable Journey wk_9

Another week gone, and it went by and so fast too.

This week I worked a lot on the marketing tools we will be utilizing in our green themed messaging. Aramark has a ton of good marketing materials and themes which I am tapping into, because they are a good fit with a lot of the programing we are already doing here at VCU. For the most part they are plug and play posters and table toppers that I am able to edit with content that is relative to our successes. …


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First ever Follow Me Live Chat a success!

The first ever Follow Me Live Chat was earlier today, and boy was it ever a pleasant time. Thanks to everyone who participated for providing such great questions, and an especially big thank you to Follow Me bloggers Stacey Kehaulani Torigoe, Nora Kaufmann, Elena Marroquin, and Carlos A De La Torre for providing such great answers! Can't wait for round 2 on August 24th!

Read all about what the featured bloggers are up to at …


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Day 17

We began the day with pushing more wheelbarrows of dirt on the trail. Maddie tamped the trail into a beautiful, flat form. Once that was finished, the group started weeding out the path leading up to the stairs.

We had lunch at 12:00, reviewed our evaluations with Priya, an then played a game of Ninja, followed by looking at some topographic maps. Finally we went out to get Slurpees. A great end to the (Code Red) day.


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Rock Art Recording at Panther Cave

This week at Amistad National Recreation Area, Jack Johnson (park archaeologist) and I took research staff members from an archaeological research and education nonprofit called Studying Human Use of Land Materials and Art (SHUMLA) to Panther Cave, a large rock shelter with extensive rock art compositions dating back to the Middle Archaic (6,000-3,000 years B.P.). The shelter hosts rock art composed in the Pecos River Style, an archaic painting style that lasted from 4,200 to 2,800 years…


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2012 Boston Outdoor Nation Summit!

I am a 2012 SCA Green Cities Fellow working in the urban Pittsburgh area for Allegheny County, and have just recently returned from the Boston Outdoor Nation Summit this past weekend. As Beth McCarthy has so eloquently described the summit was a huge success and included many SCA affiliated individuals. The summit was very energetic and motivational, getting our thinking caps on to address the issues presented around getting the new millennial outdoors and active again.…


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This week in Rhode Island schools

I'm finishing this week up early, as I have a cousin getting married and have to find my way to Michigan later today...

It's been a good week! I have just about finished my inventories of recycle bins in all of the schools (two left!) and with the help of my boss and the three Facilities Zone Managers, I have chosen nine (or ten) schools that I will focus my efforts on this fall to pilot recycling programs. The schools I have chosen include two high schools, two middle schools, and…


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Day 16

Today was quite frustrating. Our goal was to haul 60 wheelbarrows of dirt by lunch. Cody, Priya, and Maddie were carrying the wheelbarrows, and I was the shoveler, but we were soon slowed down by the Park Service workers' tree-hauling and chipping equipment which was blocking the roads and our dirt pile. So we worked until 12:30 on a rock water bar. After lunch I got to go home early while the others went to finally get their pay checks.


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Life in the Redwoods of Northern California

Whenever I attempt to describe my experience with SCA, I cannot help but choke up just a little as I become engulfed with memories of the majestic beauty of the mighty redwoods, the wildlife, the coast, the native Americans and the work we did to give visitors the best possible experience during their visit.  

Places like Fern Valley are something so amazingly spectacular as well as the countless trials on which one can see ancient trees, Elk and unspoiled land.   

What an…


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Day 15

Today was a long day filled with very hard work. We built a rock water bar near the creek to reroute the water and avoid erosion on the trail. We also worked on raising the trail, which entailed hauling wheelbarrows full of dirt about 300 yards up a trail. Things went slowly in the morning because our focus was mostly on the new water bar. But after lunch we carried 30 wheelbarrows to fill 26 feet in about an an hour and a half. Overall a very satisfying work day.


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Boston Outdoor Nation!

It was finally my turn! There have been a number of Outdoor Nation summits happening across the country that a number of my co-workers have had the chance to go to (you may have read about some of them in this blog or maybe had the chance to go to one), so my excitement level was pretty high when Boston Outdoor Nation happened this past weekend, July 21-22. It felt like I had been waiting for this day for ages!

We kicked off on Friday with an SCA-led service project on Peddocks…


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SCA's National Conservation Center in NH

This week I traveled to the SCA National Conservation Center (formerly SCA Headquaerters) in Charlestown, NH for some essential training before the fall recruiting season starts.

I’m not sure how many people know this, but this campus was once a farm! I’ve included a few pictures below, including what I’m told used to be the old farmhouse (now the South Building) and the old barns (now the North Building and Green Building).

It’s an absolutely beautiful campus set in the lovely…


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ROOM & 'BOARD' - Win a weekend stay in Santa Barbara and a surf lesson with Lakey Peterson!

UPDATE: THE OPEN HAS BEGUN and folks are lining up at booth #113 to learn how they can team up with #SCA to #savetheplanet and become leaders in the conservation world. Whether you're at the open right now, or following the action on Twitter with @the_sca and @AlviSeda (SCA recruiter and surfer extraordinaire), surf on over to www.thesca.org/serve for all the info you need to get involved. If you're in…


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