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Hike and Reindeer

No, I did not go hiking and see reindeer. That would be a trick in Skagway. However, I did go hiking, including a four-hour round trip to Upper Dewey Lake (and another hour around it) and a three-hour round trip to Sturgill's Landing. The first hike had a 3,200 ft elevation gain (think three Sears Towers) and was a bit of a challenge. I may do a "race" called Box of Rocks in a few weeks to get to Upper Dewey. The advantage of this is that you can get a helicopter ride down--five minutes…


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Last two weeks of service in The Green Mountain National Forest

SO, this twelve weeks of service has been unbelieveably hard work that engages all of the team members senses. Completing the Wilderness Challenges in each of the 8 Wilderness Areas in the Green Mountain National Forest, has been service-learning, service-doing, and service-educating. Communicating environmental ethics as well as learning about Leave No Trace (LNT) ethics and communicating all this to through-hikers in the GMNF is a challenge, and I found it surprising how many people use…


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Skagway in the Fall

Okay, it really isn't autumn, but after leaving 80 degree Illinois and flying into 50 degree Skagway, it seems like the fall. I hear it's been a mild summer here, and you can see it in the relative lack of snow on the top of the 5,000 to 6,000 peaks towering over the town. That may not seem like much, but you're starting at sea level.

During the day I'm mostly in the research library, which is very much in need of my efforts. I've just completed my computer security training, which…


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End of summer

This is the last two weeks of my summer in washigton. It's been an amazing adventure. Seeing elk, deer, and all other kinds of wildlife has been very rewarding. I have made lots of friends living here and will be sad to leave them but my journey is just beginning. Umatilla National Forest has been a great place to work and I hope I can visit again soon!

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Umatila national forest

Hello, I am the recreation tech at umatilia national forest in Wahington and Oregon. The forest is a beautiful area in the blue mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Although my summer is coming to an end, there have been many eventful things that have happened. Other then our normal duties of taking care of te campgrounds on the north half of the forest, we have had fishing durbies at the lake and the local fair.
It's been a great summer and don't want it to end!

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Monthly Report #3

With the Fall semester just around the corner, I have been busy preparing for our dining locations to reopen for the year. Next week is Welcome Week, which is the week before classes where incoming Freshmen move into their dorms and students are coming back to campus. There's a lot going on during Welcome Week, particularly with catering. This year we decided to make the all-campus picnic a Zero-Waste event. All of the disposables and food served at the picnic will be composted and all…


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First Month's Report!

I am currently in the middle of my fourth week working at my 3 accounts: Wheaton College, Simmons College, and Berklee College of Music. I have to say that after being a recent graduate from a giant state school, seeing how small these schools are was a bit of a shock! Regardless of their size, I have learned a lot about ARAMARK and have learned how each of these accounts are similar and different. I have spent the past few weeks getting acclimated to my accounts, and meeting with…


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Wilderness Stewardship Challenge

More recently, the team has monitored and inventoried the George D. Aiken Wilderness Area, followed a tornados line of disturbance and waypointed a route through the Aiken wilderness with GPS. The team also traveled to the Lye Brook Wilderness to clean and monitor camp and fire rings, to condense social trails and collect rubbish, and document invasive plants. Work included posting cedar signs to clarify trail intersections, and waypointing boundaries of wilderness that need improved…


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Treasure Trove

"How has your Yosemite experience made you richer?"

I traveled to Yosemite last-minute as a chaperone for Rosie’s…


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