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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week_7

So far I am surviving the intense heat and crazy storms this summer in Richmond VA.

So I finalized the details of my work plan and submitted it this week. Now that I have a ton of great initiatives to work on it is time to roll up my sleeves and dive into the environmental and sustainability programing.

This week I met with leaders from “Green Unity 4 VCU” the environmental focused student organization here on campus. I have been looking forward to meeting with this team of…


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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week_6

It was nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week. I took my family to watch fireworks on the James River. I spent most of my time this week working in my office ironing out the details of my “Work Plan”. An outline of what I plan to accomplish during my internship. I have spent the first month here at VCU developing this master plan.

It has taken an entire month to develop an achievable master plan, because first I had to understand and identify what is working well and what…


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End of Week 6!!!!

As all of you know I have been working on the Food Management Fundamentals to reduce our food waste at The Asilomar Conference Grounds..

So to give you a little background on this project, there was training that I had to participate in and then implement a training sessions to managers, supervisors and Front Line Associates. this was…


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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week_5

Hello all,

It's week five, so that means I am more than a month into my "Sustainable Journey" here at VCU. What a great experience I am having. Yes I am working. Hahaha But to tell you the truth this kind of work is quite satisfying to me, as I feel like the work I am doing is going to help lessen the impact VCU dining is making on the environment. That means a whole lot to me and I am glad I am in a position to actually help organize, implement, and continuously improve upon green…


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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week_4

It has been an eventful week. I am getting into a positive rhythm here at VCU and ARAMARK, where I have started making friends with many of the staff here, who do not work in my office but I come in contact with from day to day.  It is my goal that the employees here that I will be working among/around, think well of me, or at least not think of me - as someone who is making their job harder.  

This week I met with The Sustainability Coordinator for VCU. She works for…


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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week_3

This week has been a good week. I have begun converting my "Work Plan" outline into the spreadsheet template and, focusing on the timeline and deliverables associated with our goals. I enjoyed the group phone conference and webinar on Supply Chain this week. Also, I attended two other webinars this week, one on recycling, and one on food waste prevention. Lerning how important it is to take accurate measurements in order to track and analyze data. (Same thing I was taught in My Operations…


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Environmental Sustainability Internship Week 3

Wow, time is flying!

On Monday and Wednesday I will finish some training for our Food Waste Reduction Program then I will start to train our Front Line Associate's, this THURSDAY!!!

I have set up two training schedules for each day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday) to ensure all that need to be trained are.  The Training program should run smoothly, especially with the help of ARAMARK's Training Guides.  This opportunity is allowing me to work with staff on all levels and…


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Environmetal Sustainability Internship reflections, week 2

I am currently in the process of developing my work plan.  I have been working closely with my manager on outlining sustainability and marketing goals, which we have determined to be achievable. I have spent a good deal of time researching VCU’s sustainability initiatives, and learning  more about what ARAMARK is implementing throughout VCU’s dining facilities.

Also I have been able to meet with VCU Dining’s Sales & Services Manager (our client) and the director of sustainability…


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The beginning of my Internship

I started my internship on May 29 after a week of training in Philiadelphia.  I am really excited to dive into my projects here at Asilomar.  I am currently  doing a lot of research on food waste and water conservation as well as, monitoring the composting program.  There is a lot to learn and I am i eager to absorb all that is out there. 

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I Started my Sustainability internship at VCU...

I Started my Environmental Sustainability Internship this week. I am really enjoying my role at Virgina Commonwealth University so far. I am doing a lot of research right now, on what VCU dining is currently doing, and other green initiatives taking place campus wide. Everyone here has been nice, and is excited to have an Environmental intern who brings new eyes and ideas to the table. I look…


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