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Time Well Spent with Chicago and Milwaukee Crews

Over the last two weeks, I visited 4 of the Summer Community Crew sites in Milwaukee, and two of the sites in Chicago. I talked about the different SCA opportunities available to both crew members and crew leaders – school-year Community Crew opportunities, National Crew opportunities, Corps projects, Internships, and other types of Leader positions. And I spent a whole day with the Little Red School House Crew here in Chicago, helping feed the animals at the nature center and helping put up…


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Cicada killers, red paint, and mulch

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside a couple of SCA’s Chicago Community Crews in the Little Village Pocket Park on 25th and Keeler (southwest side of Chicago). SCA works with Enlace Chicago to maintain this small but vibrant pocket park. We were joined by a few community members, as well as high school students participating in an internship program with…


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First ever Follow Me Live Chat a success!

The first ever Follow Me Live Chat was earlier today, and boy was it ever a pleasant time. Thanks to everyone who participated for providing such great questions, and an especially big thank you to Follow Me bloggers Stacey Kehaulani Torigoe, Nora Kaufmann, Elena Marroquin, and Carlos A De La Torre for providing such great answers! Can't wait for round 2 on August 24th!

Read all about what the featured bloggers are up to at …


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Day 13

Right now, the crew is sitting in an air-conditioned stage-room-auditorium-esque place. We are listening to a woman who is telling us how to behave in a professional interview. This seems ironic and somewhat comical considering we, the trail crew of Dumbarton Oaks, were pulling invasives out of a swamp at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington DC.

To explain: there is a lily festival tomorrow at the gardens and today's task was to make the gardens presentable for said festival.…


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Day 12

Today turned out to be a really good day. I think my favorite day yet. In the morning, we continued chopping down Tree of Heaven and in the afternoon I worked with Rebecca to free native trees of invasive vines. I really got the hang of taking out invasives like porcelain berry and bittersweet. It was very satisfying when, within a few minutes, I could free a tree of the strangling vines. I'm a little bit sad to be moving on from invasive work, but the crew is really vibing well. …


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Day 11

Today we started off by cutting the buds off of invasive thistle that is spreading in Meadow 1, so the seeds wouldn't sprout and spread. We proceeded to cut many little bushes of honeysuckle and place them into piles.

The Highlight:
We cut down trees today and gained lumberjack experience! We all had turns working together in groups and cut down 5 trees in all... it's harder than it looks.
In all we had a great day and a hot one. Today happened to be a Code Red…

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Day 9

Today was our first day working with invasive plants. We were joined by SCA's Invasive Crew, along with the President and Executive Director of the Dumbarton Oaks Conservancy, Anne and Rebecca, and a Rock Creek Park invasive plant specialist, Ana.

We learned how to identify bush honeyscukle and linden viburnum (viburnum dilatatum). We worked in the Beech Grove, removing both species. We then moved to the Old Farm Road, and worked on removing bush honeysuckle. After lunch we hiked up…


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day 5 blog

we went to a garden to evaluate and learned about the place. i enjoy going on a scavenger hunt of different trees that were named after a state. i am happy that our team won. we went to another garden and pick and see different fruits. we made potatoes with the  other stuff. the mint plant taste and smell like it ,today was just enjoyable for me.

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Day 8

Today we went to the Arboretum to evaluate and learn about the place. I enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt of different state's official trees. I am also happy that our team won Capture-the-Flag and Ninja. We went to Washington Youth Garden to pick and see different fruits. We made potatoes with the other stuff. The mint plant tastes and smell like it; today was just enjoyable for…


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Day 7

Today was our last day working on the infamous Montrose Slope. We have put in about 6 water bars/check steps which, recent storms can attest, have helped channel water more precisely to either side of the trail. Today's work included moving several more truck loads of dirt, lots of tamping, countless wheelbarrow-fuls sprinted up the step incline, and half our legs striped from bucket-rim bruises. I'm really proud of the tough work this crew has embraced, even though we were down Lumberjack,…


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Day 6

We started the day by evening the way,

We evened the trail with dirt.

We were sweating water was drunk

And we worked with sweat filled shirts

We moved some dirt,

Our arms did hurt

But our team worked hard

With the sweat on our shirts.

Our team so proud,

We got things done,

We did some activities

The work was so much fun.

Piles of dirt moved in buckets

Resting won't cut it

We worked well in a…


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Detroit teens work with SCA to green up the Motor City

SCA is collaborating with Johnson Controls and 80 Detroit teenagers this summer to spiff up the Motor City with native plants, invasive removal, new trails, and new outdoor classrooms. The teens are participating in SCA's Conservation Leadership Corps, learning what it takes to save the planet by working to make their city a greener place to live. Detroit's local CBS news affiliate has caught wind of the…


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Day 5

Moved more dirt today. That gets old, but seeing how the trail is getting shaped is satisfying. I really like the crew. As Cody said, we are past the crew honeymoon phase, but we are also working really well together. Doing this trail work makes me excited to get to invasives next week.



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Day 4

Another good day at work. We were reshaping the trail today and put in check steps to stop some of the water from flowing places we don't want. We worked through some people who were talking smack most of the day. But we worked through it as a crew, and it might have even brought us closer.


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Day 1

Finished. The crew is a definite success. Everyone gets along well and works together terrifically. The work was somewhat trivial, but it was fun to saw (the crew has successfully become addicted to bow saws). Heavy lifting through carrying cut logs was a good workout and got the blood flowing. Although our work may be proven futile by the next storm that rolls through, it is nice to see the trail cleared of debris. Day 1: Success. And we're definitely looking forward to the rest of the…


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