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My last day

Well today has finally come, the dreaded last day at my internship. I find today to be pretty bitter sweet. While I miss my family and miss being home, I know I am going to miss all the friends I have made here in DC. 

My summer internship started off the day after I arrived in DC; you are correct if that little beacon popped on in your head and you thought "wait, you mean you didn't try to find the office before your first day? Bad idea dude....bad idea....."  So sure enough…


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My experience

This is officially my last week interning in the Washington DC office under Alvi Seda. I have had a blast so far; this summer has exceeded my expectations and has helped me remember why I love conservation work.  I have only three days left here in the office and I expect to stay busy and help anyone I can. 

Thank you to all those that I met this summer and to those who helped make this a truly unique internship that…


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Outdoor Nation Austin Summit

This past weekend I went to Austin for the Outdoor Nation summit. It was nothing like I expected; the room was high energy and everyone there legitimately wanted to do something about getting kids outside and bring conservation work to many areas. I was lucky enough to join a group that happened to come up with an amazing project. We called out project Green BaYou.

The overall goal of Green BaYou is to enable and invest in the Houston communities and to encourage them to get involved…


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Outdoor Nation Austin Texas Summit

Hi folks,

I am writing from the Southwest terminal in Houston, Texas. As I sit here reflecting back on this weekends summit, I can't help but!!! What an amazing event. I arrived in Houston, Texas late Thursday night after having a layover in Austin. Why would I fly out of Austin to go to Houston to drive back to Austin most people must be thinking? Well the answer is simple. I traveled to Houston to pick up a bunch of amazing SCA alumni in order to drive them down to Austin… Continue

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Life on the Road

Hi Folks,

My name is Alvi Seda and I am the Southeast Recruiting Representative for SCA. Follow me around the Southeast Region as I recruit for SCA, explore National Parks and Forests, and search for good waves. Everyday is a new adventure when you work as a recruiter for SCA and there are no limits to the amount of fun you can have when the open road is your home. If anybody…


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