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Going in to hibernation...with nouns

Well folks, I can say with a large degree of confidence that it is very much November here in Alaska. What I mean is that a) I haven't experienced above freezing temperatures in a few weeks and b) the sun rises after 8:30 AM and sets by 4:30PM. If it weren't enough that those happen to be my exact work hours, our precious 8 hours of light each day is shrinking--and fast! By 5 minutes and 30 seconds per day, in fact. That's almost 40 minutes each week! 

You like how I did math there?…


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Social Media on the Side

One thing I really love about my internship is the fact that my supervisor, Ann Rappoport (Director of the FWS Anchorage Filed Office), has given me the freedom to color outside the lines of my position description. She encourages me to take my ball of environmental education play-doh and mold it into whatever shape fits my personal interests and will benefit my long-term career goals. And just because I want to add another child-like analogy, let me add that if I want to shake my…


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Creeks & Critters!

Okay. So. Now that I have obtained the pictures to prove it, I will tell you all about the awesome outreach project I was working on this summer...a project which was finally project-ed onto some kids a few weeks ago! 

You see, the brain behind my internship was Jeff Heys, formerly a Habitat Restoration…


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A Weekend to Remember

Although I have been in Alaska for over 4 months, I am happy to report that I am still amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of my new home on a daily basis. This weekend was especially special (note the double use of special) and it has put me on an "I love Alaska" high! …


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Celebrity Authors, Macroinvertebrates, and Mom.

It has been a few weeks since my last post, but for all of the things I have done in that time, it seems like months! So lets work our way through that highly intriguing title, shall we?

1. Celebrity Authors

      This summer, I participated on a committee…


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BIG LAKE...The name of the lake, the name of the town.

Let me start off by saying that the oh so creative (that is supposed to be sarcasm) name of this lake and town in Alaska only makes sense for one of those things.

Take a look at this picture I took of my handy map and you will see what I mean. That blue blob is the lake…


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Bad Blogger's Update

It has only been two weeks since my last post, but it feels like ages ago that I last sat down at my desk (next to a large mug of coffee) to write my usual Friday morning blog post. Hopefully that means I've been getting a lot done! SO to get through all that has gone on since I last wrote, I will do a speedy note and picture style post. It's gonna be fast AND furious. Hang in there. …


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Camping with the Stars!

This week I have had the unique opportunity to work on the set of a TV show called "Aqua Kids"!

Aqua Kids is an educational show for kids and teens which focuses on natural resources and conservation. Their mission is to bring nature and wildlife into our homes--inspiring us to get involved and advocate for…


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How is it? It's tricky, tricky, trrrrricky!

Environmental education is tricky. At times, even more so than Run-D.M.C. rockin' a rhyme.

This is a fact which I have known for a while, but has become a constant consideration in my full time work as an environmental education intern at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. During my time in the field and at…


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Putting down some roots in Anchor-town

As I mentioned in my last post here, I am just over a month into my 10 month internship working for the Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office in Alaska. As a native of Colorado, the dry, cool climate and adventurous,…


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One month down...nine to go!

When I stop to think about how much I have seen and done in my first month as an SCA intern in Anchorage, Alaska, it leaves me astounded...and exhausted!

In the last 4 weeks I have:

Canoed down the Chena Slough in Fairbanks to collect water quality and aquatic invasive samples

Restored 160 ft of shoreline on…


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