Bay Area SCA'ers show out at Outdoor Nation LA

Bay area group showed up and showed out this weekend at Outdoor Nation (ON). Joined with 11 other SCA alums the trip was made from Oakland to LA this weekend to meet with other environmental and community groups to discuss issues obstructing youth from getting outdoors.

The weekend kicked off with a service project at Madrid Middle School in El Monte, CA. There SCA'ers joined Amigos de los Rios and Outward Bound Fresno in clearing invasives and replanting trees. After the service project we headed to our camp site where we participated in the most epic game of Uno I've ever played, lasting nearly 30mins...that's got to be unheard of. Followed up with sweet, sweet sleep. Thus a beautiful night was spent under the stars at Chino Hills State Park as coyotes (that were maybe a bit to close for comfort) serenaded us in the background.  

Saturday the summit talks began. The purpose of the ON summits is to not only discuss these topics of why our generation of youth seem to spend less time in the outdoors than generations before, but also plan projects to directly address them. 

Well...all-stars that we are...

SCA's project idea placed runner up this weekend winning us $1500 in funding to make it happen! In addition to that one of our members won the photo contest for a most awesome picture winning him an REI backpack! (Winning picture below is courtesy of SCA's Bay Area Foggers. Huge shout out to Jeff for his persistent rallying for the perfect shot.)

Bay area group SCA'ers also known as the Bay Area Foggers, proposed the idea of a a website of clips, where youth visit outdoor spaces and briefly share what it is, where it is, and why its cool. A website to allow people to share their special outdoor spaces that are sacred or just cool to them with others.  Proposed name and slogan   ....   "Make my place your reality." 

Though the drives were long, the days were fulfilling... full of good conversations, full of laughs, and really good food. Besides what better way to bond with strangers than to spend 15+ hours in a car. Proud to have met the other 11 amazing people who came down and looking forward to future meetings as we "make my place a reality".

If you are participating in an outdoor nation summit yourself I wish you originality, good luck, good ideas, and good times. 



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Comment by Alejandra Pallais on July 3, 2012 at 11:59am
Congrats! Awesome job folks...Why not test the idea on this community...create a bay area forgers group and post away! Would love to see this available to the SCA community.
Comment by Jeremy Stoltzfus on July 3, 2012 at 12:01am

Here's to the Bay Area Foggers for a job well done!

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