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Hi all,

My name is Deanna Wyatt and I am the California and Southwestern Regional Recruiter.  Annually I visit universities in AZ, CA, HI, OK, NM, NV, TX, and UT. So be on the look out for when I will be visiting your campus! Always love to connect with alumni or folks interested in serving with SCA.

If you are new to SCA, it wont take you long to discover that everybody has a story. And this is mine...  My journey with SCA began immediately after graduating from Auburn University in 2008 with a degree in Anthropology. Yelp, anthropology and yelp I had no idea what to do with that so I thought sure SCA.

And if you've ever looked back on your life and felt like there were defining moments.... this was mine. SCA was a random decision I made 4 years ago, but talk about best choice ever! Via my experiences as a SCA intern I've lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and California. In Tennessee I taught outdoor academic classes, handled various non-venomous snakes & other reptiles & amphibians, and led youth groups on high rope elements and zip lines. Next, SCA took me back to my home state of Georgia where I worked closely with priceless items as an archives/museum technician for beautiful Cumberland Islands National Seashore.  My third internship took me to Death Valley National Park home to the lowest, driest, hottest place in North America and second hottest recorded temperature on the planet. While serving as a museum technician in this land of extremes I embraced every opportunity to explore the harsh desert by assisting with the tag and recaptures experiment of the Salt Creek Pupfish and mine surveying of Death Valley’s beautiful backcountry. My career with SCA eventually led to my  serving with the National Park Service as an Interpretive Cave Ranger at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I cant even describe how awesome it is to give tours 830 ft underground. SCA has nurtured my love and appreciation for the outdoors and as a recruiter I'm eager to meet and share this opportunity with you guys.

If you have any questions about opportunities with SCA feel free to contact me. My philosophy is life is an adventure... so live it! Catch you on the road.

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