This past Friday, I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside a couple of SCA’s Chicago Community Crews in the Little Village Pocket Park on 25th and Keeler (southwest side of Chicago). SCA works with Enlace Chicago to maintain this small but vibrant pocket park. We were joined by a few community members, as well as high school students participating in an internship program with Exelon, one of our corporate sponsors here in Chicago.

The whole lot of us after a successful mornings work!

We weeded, we mulched, we made that park look good! This included thinning out some of the more aggressive plants in the small prairie located in the center of the park.

We also painted the raised beds and the tool shed a nice bright red, while doing a decent job of trying not to get that red paint everywhere else!

And in one of the most awesome nature moments I’ve seen this summer, we watched a cicada killer wasp swoop down onto a cicada, paralyze it with its stinger, and grasp is tightly as it flew off to deposit it in a burrow somewhere. Soon that cicada is going to be some wasp larva’s dinner! Yum!

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Comment by Trina Van Schyndel on August 3, 2012 at 9:34am

Thanks Rob! The pictures were all taken by our grantwriter, Madelyn. I think she might have even gotten some was a pretty epic battle.

Comment by Rob Terry on August 2, 2012 at 9:47am

Great picture of the CIcada Killer, it's enormous.

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