Thursday, October 5

Interesting happening. Last night around midnight, I was awoken by some noises coming from my air vent. I heard some clanking, and soon some pitter-patter. These evolved into scratching and later....some squeaks. Fun! I threw my coat over the vent for the night.

I woke up and headed to the VC to help open. Andy was there for a couple hours before having the rest of the day off. I got to staff the desk most of the day. Ann sat in a little cove, working on her computer. She was doing research on the Buffalo Soldiers of the area to update the park website and include more information. When I was speaking with her, she was trying to decipher some complicated cursive writing on a document.

I got more experience telling visitors about the trails, what to do in the park, and answering questions. I also am pretty experienced by now with the cash register and ringing up items. I learned more about campground reservations. Everyday when there is a question I don't know the answer to, I listen to how Ann or Suzanne replies, and can answer that question in the future. It's exciting learning stuff like that a little everyday!

In my spare time, I read over some reference binders of the park, some describing how to respond to certain touchy questions and emergency scenarios. It was a relatively quiet day.

I got home and found that someone had left some mouse traps by my door (I had mentioned the situation). My guests left, so I had the whole house to myself again, which I definitely like. I hung around for a bit, then decided to set up the mouse traps. Unfortunately, the air vent grates in my house can't be removed, so I decided to leave the traps outside the vents. I set one by a vent in both of the vacant rooms next to mine. We shall see if this works.

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